Tuesday, 31 December 2013

13 Moments of 2013

This is the last of my 13 of 2013 series but more so, it is the last of my post for the year. A year ago, I didn't even have a blog to post on but here I am writing to you, not knowing who you are are where you are in this world but here I am once again sharing very private things with you and this post will be no different. It's the 13 moments from this year which I will remember.

1. My admission as an attorney

2. Returning to Ireland, and the moment I had my first drink.

3. The moment I found out Nelson Mandela had died.Coupled with the day after when my colleagues and I went to the house. The scenes there were incredible. 

4. Being lost in Brussels for 5 hours all on my lonesome.

5. Pepe Reina waving at me (and Charne)

6.Sitting at the Moses Mabida stadium for the Liverpool Legends game thinking, if this is how incredible the atmosphere is here, thousands of kilometers away from Anfield, I can only imagine what it feels like to be at Anfield during a game.

7. Justin Bieber's concert - the whole day was crazy and a once off experience. 

8. Arriving in Hamburg and thinking "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING COMING TO COUNTRY WHERE YOU DO NOT SPEAK THE LANGUAGE ALL ALONE?" Thank goodness for nice people on trains who speak English!

9. Leaving Juls and Oli at the train station in Mainz. I remember feeling so grateful and excited but scared for what I had experienced in Germany and what would still come.

10. Resigning from my job and the reception from my colleagues after that was humbling.

11. Leaving Ireland, I was so grateful that I had no one next to me on the flight because I cried a lot more than I would have ever expected.

12. Uptothemoon, after her last win, when she was upset with me and she was so angry. 

13. Family moment montage, from my mom's 50th to family picnics to music shows... great food, joking around to walking on the beach.

While I cannot lie to you and tell you this year was perfect or even great I can tell you that this year I achieved incredible things. I had so many moments wherein bringing it down to 13 was extremely difficult. However, I also closed a lot of unopened chapters this year which can only excite me about what 2014 holds.This year was difficult and challenging but I can say I have made it through and I am thrilled that I get another chance at trying again in 2014....  What will you do to make a difference in 2014? 
What was your moment of 2013?

Have a great New Years Eve... and I'll see you next year!

Monday, 30 December 2013

13 Hopes for 2014

This is an interesting one because I initially thought I could easily think of 13 things I wanted for myself but it was (no, is) difficult. So I thought, why be selfish and only hope for things which would directly affect me.... anyway... here we go.

1. That I can travel again, hopefully to the States so I can see some of my friends as we are long overdue for a reunion!

2. Cross 14 items of my bucket list. Speaking of which, I am going to put that up soon and by soon, I mean sometime earlier next year .. 

3. Improve my readership or more specifically my subscriptions to my blog.

4. To have a blog design which is more in line with my personality. While I like my current design, it could do with some changes. 

5. For Liverpool FC to win the Barclays Premiere League. While I know a whole lot of Manchester or any other team's fans are saying "No Way" but despite Liverpool's last two games in which the referees have robbed Liverpool of goals or penalties, I still believe we are in with a chance. 

6. Learn to budget and then stick to it.

7. Move into or build a career path for myself. I am an attorney but I am not just an attorney and I need to figure that all out. 

8. That Kim Kardashian's love life or child's christening is not the main focus of celebrity news. Because although I do like her, she is cray cray and frankly I think they have milked the limelight for long enough.

9. That Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux get married because I would hate for Brad Pitt and that skank, Angelina Jolie think they have the upper hand. Jen can say whatever she wants about moving on. No one ever wants to see their ex be happier than them.

10. That the petrol price decrease (Highly unlikely)

11. That E-Tolls get taken down (although this is more unlikely than Number 10.)

12. One Direction comes to South Africa! (Yes I just included that in my list)

13. World Peace, is that too much to ask for????

So.... what are your hopes for 2014???

Sunday, 29 December 2013

13 of My Favourite Blog Posts of 2013

I actually didn't decide whether it would be 13 of my favourite posts or 13 of my favourite posts which I read. So I thought I would go with the latter because I think it's good for you (whoever you are) to meet other bloggers, but to see the posts that really resonate with me!

1. This Post from Kisses and Croissants but Patricia has since stopped blogging or limited her readership. It was one the quote at the end of her post that really stuck with me - literally - I wrote it down on a post it and stuck it at my desk... reminding me of the power I have over my own life.

2. Chelsea at Life is a Sunset - WARNING there may be a few of her posts.. I really feel so in tune with his questions and comments about life. This post was Answering Tough Questions

3. Being that I only started blogging for the last couple of months, xxx Blog tips for the New Bloggers were extremely helpful.

4. This list which Meghan from Meghan Silva's Lifestyle blog about 28 things are so true!

5. Another one from Meghan - an easy recipe (which I am yet to try!) on making Plaited Bread in 5 Easy Steps

6. Victoria at Victoriafolksky posted about something more personal in her Do Not Fear post. Although I am happy to say that things with Victoria have gotten much better and super excited for her!!

7. Danielle at Sometimes Sweet posted about friendships changing in On Friendship and I identified with her a lot. 

8. Jenni at Sotry of My Life posted about What Does Success Mean To You? Which is another post which acted as a catalyst for my choices this year. 

9. Considering that I am planning on visiting New York very soon - Cath from Cath In The City's posts on New York Tips were great.

10. Passion by Candice from Teatime Thoughts was another post that resonated with me.

11. I know one day I am going to be planning a trip around the world, this post on How To Plan A Round The World Trip by Jenna from A Home Away From Home is going to come in handy.

12. Chelsea's advice for the Single Girls - LOVE. 

13. Kate from Another Clean Slate's post on how to see Ireland in Two Days and a Few Hours - while I have seen Ireland for a lot longer it still made me happy to see how much she enjoyed it! 

There are so many more posts which I wanted to include but I hope you like this list... 2013 is nearly over - I hope you've given yourself some time to digest what that means.. and what exactly do you want 2014 to hold for you?

Saturday, 28 December 2013

13 Incomplete Blog Posts of 2013

Here is some of my drafts which never quite made the cut....


I found this article once and it made me think there is nothing better than being awesome!


As I'm writing this post I am aware that it is entirely possible that it will be months or years before I can actually publish it but I feel compelled to document what I'm feeling and I am almost 100% certain that everyone in life will need this advice at some point or another.

I am very well educated. Not just for my age (although I am extremely well educated for my age - 26) but well educated for anyone's age and it has taken me a long time to stop being embaressed by my education. I used to think I don't want people to think I'm showing off or being condescending to them because I am smart but here are my truths (any maybe you can identify with them):

1.  I am intelligent and a nice person
2. I am educated and a nice person
3. I have worked HARD to become as educated as I am
4. Other people will try to pull me down because they may think I want their job/their money/their life but all I want is to be challenged in my career and to grow.
5. There is nothing wrong with wanting to learn more.
6. There is nothing wrong with asking more questions (including those which relate to your career growth).
7. Some people may try to put you in a box in order for you not to grow but God will show the way.

I know this may seem like an extreme or odd post (ok, maybe rant) but you cannot allow other people to dumb you down by giving you minimal work and/or giving you work that you are too qualified to do

So number 8 would be this - there are certain activites which you are too qualified to do and yes you can do them and you should do them BUT those should not be your only activities.

9. People in the workplace (well, people in general) are vindictive. That is an unfortunate truth. I am the kind of person that can change a work environment and be all bright and shiney but the truth is that there will still be people in the department/company that will not like you for those things - which is fine BUT they will pretend to like you which is where the 'vindictiveness' comes in!


After my earlier post, I feel compelled to remind you that I am not going to allow myself to emotionally hoard and instead, I wanted to share things that entertain or make me happy

1.My Family and friends

    2.TV (including watching Football)Fashion Police and especially reruns of FRIENDS

    3. Solving problems
    This is the nerd in my coming out but I think it may equally be the fighter in me as well....

    4. Good Food

    5.Reading blogs
      6. Traveling and meeting people from other places (includes those who are not from Johannesburg)
        7.When people talk to themselves in public. My dad is one of these people, in fact I remember, clearly, that once my mom, dad and I were the only ones home and my mom and I were talking in the kitchen and then I heard my dad talking. When I asked her was he talking to us, she said "no he's talking to himself" and if that was not strange enough... picture my dad,


        This is the title of the post I started when I arrived in Germany for my Eurotrip. But the title is as far as it got....


        I met someone a while ago, and then a couple of years later I met this person again - randomly... was it a coincidence? Is there such a thing as a coincidence or is it serendipity? Does Serendipity even exist?


        I always want to be honest. I am to be honest in my day to day life but I also want to be honest here - in my web world so I think it is only fair to share some of my thoughts on a topic which has been playing on my mind A LOT. Well, since my Eurotrip.


        This is a completely unplanned post but

        Today I was told that I am fearless which is funny because it is the one thing I would never call myself.

        8. WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

        I feel like posting but just don't know what exactly I want to blog about. So I thought why not introduce a new series about What would you do... I'm not exactly sure where this series will go but I thought why not just go with it, for now..

        WHAT WOULD YOU DO if you could spend a day without being questioned by society (or your family.. or whoever you think judges you)

        Even as I typed this, I'm not sure where I am going with this train of thought.

        When I was younger I used to be a lot more, brash, I suppose so I


        1. Why are more people not loving the TV series, Betrayal. I am absolutely loving this show and no one else seems to be watching it...


        I am a thinker.
        To be more accurate, I am an over thinker! I am 


        I love music, all types of music and at all times in the day.
        I don't think there's ever been a day in my life when I thought "No more music!"

        12. Coming and going but who are you sending?

        Trust is important…but naivety is dangerous."
        This quote is courtesy of The Single Woman Blog and deeply resonated with me as soon as I read it. It made me think how often I have been upset by "people betraying me"but then it got me thinking... a person can only hurt you as much as you allow them too. Yes, I've heard this saying a number of times but truly understanding it made me look at life differently.
        I have a lot of people in my life that I refer to as "takers" the people who are my friends because I have something that they want whether it be free legal advice, money or just company when they are bored - there are many versions of "takers"and you may be able to recognise some of them in your own life. I think it's important to recognise relationships for what they are and understand that not every person you meet is as genuine as they present themselves to be BUT in the same light there is no need to be suspicious of everyone around you either.
        I think it's important to allow yourself to open up to others especially new people because it is important to show your real self as soon as possible otherwise you might end up being the person who is not what you seem.
        I am a very lucky individual and have friends in my life who have been a friend for over 20 years. (Just in case you forgot, I am only 26 years old! So 20+ years of friendship is extremely impressive).
        I say all this to say…SET BOUNDARIES, with your heart, your time, your LIFE. Not everyone who knocks on the door of your life should be allowed in.
        Not everyone has good intentions. This is not to say you should barricade your heart behind a brick wall and never allow anyone in…but you do owe it to yourself to protect yourself.


        I'm starting this list at three things but truth is i'm certain I will have issues reducing them to 7!
        1. Table Mountain - this is one of the new 7 World wonders as off 2012 and why wouldn't it be? While I lived in Cape Town, our balcony had the BEST view of the mountain, it was the way my mom and I used to know if it was going to be a good day or a bad one. I suggest you visit Table Mountain and if you're up for the activity you should hike it. I did it once and it was exhausting but compeltely gratifying. You should l


        Friday, 27 December 2013

        13 News Stories of 2013

        So I missed 2 days of the series, I suck, I know BUT I promise to keep up with the rest of them. 

        Since my last post, I am now in Cape Town, it has taken me days to finally catch up from my sleep deprivation but I'm on the mend.

        So here it is - 13 stories which peaked my interest this year, whether it was celebrity fluff or hard hitting world news - this is what kept me coming back to News24 to see what's happening.

        1. This kid hitting his teacher in school. This Grade 8 pupil felt like he had the right to hit his teacher and then a fellow student encouraged him and video taped it. 

        2. The first Pope retirement and the new first South American Pope, Pope Francis

        3. The birth of Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge . 

        4. I hate to admit this but North West's naming more than her birth. 

        5. The murder of high school child - with homemade weapons. 

        6. Miley's Twerking

        7. Oscar Pistorius killing Reeva Steenkamp 

        8. Khloe Kardashian Odom  finally leaves Lamar

        9. Paul Walker's horrid death.(This is still unbelievable) 

        10.Cory Monteith's death

        11. Justin Bieber in South Africa

        12. Fifty Shades Cast announced. I am still disappointed with Mr Grey but whatevs....

        13. Nelson Mandela's death

        Tuesday, 24 December 2013

        13 of My Favourite Christmas Movies and/or Songs

        Who doesn't love Christmas?I know, I know The Grinch but I'm no Grinch ;)

        1. Home Alone

        2. Home Alone 2: Lost In New York

        3. All I want for Christmas is You

        4. O Holy Night

        5. O Come All Ye Faithful

        6. The Holiday

        7. Joy To The World

        8. Santa Clause

        9. Anywhere But Home

        10. Love Actually

        11. Silent Night

        12. While You Were Sleeping

        13. I'm Dreaming of A White Christmas

        Well, what did you make of my list? I hope you have a very festive Christmas Eve! The question is - did you make the naughty or nice list?

        Monday, 23 December 2013

        13 Of My Favourite Blogs To Read

        Here are my favourite blogs and/or favourite bloggers! Please go over and check their blogs out (again in no particular order)!

        1. Chelsea at Life Is a Sunset

        2. Victoria at Adventures of Victoriafolksky

        3. Meghan Silva at Meghan Silva's Lifestyle Blog

        4. Desle at Diva Desle

        5. Bailey at Vanilla Blonde 

        6. Janine at Being Brazen

        7. Helene at Helene In Between

        8. Nadine at Back East Blonde

        9. Whitney at I Wore Yoga Pants To Work  

        10. Erin at Two Thirds Hazel

        11. Kate at Another Clean Slate

        12. Allie at Tales of A Twenty Something 

        13. Laura at Miss Laura Bora's Blog

        Go check them out and let me know if you have any blogs to recommend! And can I just say a big Thank You to these ladies who have continued to write, to inspire, to entertain and who lets people like me into their lives.

        Have an awesome week everyone, today is my last day at my current company - it's been an emotional and humbling experience saying goodbye to the people I have come to know.

        Sunday, 22 December 2013

        13 Things I Accomplished / Decisions I Made In 2013

        This is a bit of a serious post because it can fall in with Soulful Sunday... this year has brought a lot of challenges but I have also overcome a lot, some I didn't even blog about.

        1. Making the decision to get admitted as an attorney - I fulfilled all the requirements in May 2012 but it took me months to actually commit to getting the paperwork and it was all due to my friend, Kaylene, deciding to get admitted as well so I thought it would be awesome to be admitted with a friend. 

        2. THEN actually getting admitted - you can read about it here 

        3.I finally traveled overseas again. It frustrated me that it took so long between trips but I don't intend on letting it go that long again.

        4. I traveled to Europe all on my lonesome! You can read about all of them

        5. I managed to throw an actual "SURPRISE" birthday party where my brother was ACTUALLY surprised.  - yay me!

        6. I can bring people together, whether it be at work or a Hostel in Ireland....

        7. Returning to Ireland - I am still incapable of explaining my pull towards the country and that place

        8. There was this guy, who I thought I had unfinished business with - but now it's finished.

        9. I finally wore a red dress!

        10. There was an extremely toxic person who was trying to poison my family (metaphorically speaking) and she finally left and things are so much better.

        11. Deciding to finally start a blog .... and then moved it here!

        12. I had to overcome bullying in the workplace.

        13. I decided to take a leap of faith and resign from my job. While the decision was not easy especially in this economy but I knew that staying there was making me sick and that it wasn't going to get better.

        So there it is... what have you accomplished this year?

        Saturday, 21 December 2013

        13 Movies/Series of 2013

        If you spend some time around here, you would know I LOVE my TV shows or movies so I thought I'd share some of my favourite shows or movies from this year (in no particular order). Please feel free to share yours with me?

        1. Pretty Little Liars
        While I love PLL and it seems that many other bloggers enjoy it, I'm yet to meet any of my fellow South Africans who are watching this show. Nevertheless, I have become more and more engrossed in this show. I love that there are continuous twists and turns and I still haven't figured it out.

        2. The Vampire Diaries
        Season four ended and I was jumping around for joy! I can't wait to see what develops and I love Ian Somerhalder so much more...

        3. The Great Gatsby
        Leo Dicaprio made this movie for me - my favourite scene is still the moment Gatsby sees Daisy and I think it's that moment that that ensure this movie makes this list.

        4. The Life of Pi
        This was a movie which, months later, I still haven't completely figured out. This is also the movie I watched on my birthday so I'll definitely remember it.

        5. Fast and the Furious 6

        I wish this movie was in 3D - I loved it and I am so sad that Paul Walker passed away because the series will not be the same without him.

        6. Revenge
        Who doesn't love Revenge? This show is smart and ruthless and yet I still find myself supporting Emily!!! 

        7. Betrayal

        Love this show but I can't explain why! 

        8. Catching Fire 
        I made it no secret that I loved this movie. The entire series is completely different to my usual book types but after the first movie I wasn't sure I could enjoy the movie adaptations of the book but the truth is I really enjoyed this movie and I'm excited for next year's installment. 

        9. Masterchef Australia

        While I watched Masterchef South Africa, I definitely have enjoyed the Australian version more. I think it's because there are so many more episodes and you get to really know the contestants. 
        I also love the idea of people taking a leap of faith into something they feel passionate about and leaving their jobs or families to see if their passion is something true. It inspires me.

        10. Greys Anatomy 

        SPOLIER ALERT - I know there are some people who are still catching up on Greys but Lexie's death was so sad - I watched it again the other day and I was sobbing all over again. While the dynamics of the characters have changed, it's definitely still a favourite for me.

        11. Temptations : Confessions of a Marriage Councillor

        I did a whole post on this movie - a good movie. 

        12. Suits

        While I know this is not what being a lawyer is like, it's still great entertainment.

        13. The Bachelor / Bachelorette

        I am a hopeless romantic and I've enjoyed the choices so far although some couples are not together anymore, watching them fall in love was still fun. Plus, some of them are together and that's amazing

        Sadly there are shows or movies which didn't make the list most noticeably Newsroom and the Good Wife!

        Did I leave your favourite off my list?