Thursday, 27 November 2014

I'm Thankful

I write this post with a somewhat an extremely heavy heart. This week I lost a friend, in a way one should never lose anyone by them choosing to leave before their time. 

The thing is with this particular friend, we haven't actually spoken in over a year but we've been facebook friends and have sent the odd text to check in with one another a share a joke we knew the other would appreciate but when I received the message to say "T passed away". I went numb. How could a vibrant, driven, beautiful 28 year old mind be gone from the world like this? 

Then the next message came through "He killed himself". Now maybe I should take a moment to say I am an Apple girl so the message popped up on screen but was paying for something so just glanced at it thinking I must need sleep because I'm clearly hallucinating. I wasn't because the next message was "He ..." I'll spare you the details and I'll respect his memory as well as his family's privacy by not sharing the sordid details. 

It's four days later and I'm still feeling like this is just surreal. I wanted to share my speculations as to why someone would choose to end their own lives but the truth is, I have no right to play guessing games. 

What I will say is that when you chose to pursue a certain path in life and if you're not 100% in love with it and decide to take an early exit from that road, please ask for help. Please ask for someone to listen to you. Please find some sort of spiritual guidance, whatever you need to push you back to the safe zone. You don't have to jump off the road you're on. You just have to look for a different offramp.

I apologize for all the highway innuendos but I can't think of any others right now because right now, even though I wanted to share this with you, I am still mourning the loss of life that was once my friends. 

I find that I'm somewhat obsessed with his page now and consistently checking what other people are feeling or saying about him. This is just unreal and while I'm pretty sure I could have written the best post I've ever written and one worthy of the loss of this incredible person but instead this is just an OK post filled with loads of feelings the most being this .....

I'M THANKFUL that I've managed to push through dark times thanks to my faith, family and a support system. 

I hope you have all of those today. It's thanksgiving in the States but I have more than enough American friends to feel like I could share my thankful post with all of you from sunny South Africa.

What are you most thankful for today?

Monday, 24 November 2014

"When You Play The Game of Thrones You Either Live Or You Die"

Now isn't the title of this blog like the best thing you want to read on a Monday morning??? For all the GoT fans, if you're anything like me you'd be super excited however if you're not a fan you would think I'm cray!

This morning I was struggling to find something to post about and while I have many different ideas none of them were just going to let me word vomit all over you. You see, today, I'm in a really good mood... the last few days have been rough and once again I'll be cryptic by not actually telling you why it's been rough because I'll probably do a "big" reveal next week. 

What I will tell you is that I finally finished the first book in the GoT series and is it possible that I love it even more so than I did when I watched it? YES! I was nervous about reading the book and was afraid that I may realise that the writers of the show didn't do the book justice (yes, I know the author was part of the writing team) because sometimes things don't translate well onscreen like they would if you're in the mind of a character. That was not the case in this book. 

What I will say is that the book provided enlightenment on the following:

1. Why Ned sends Jon to the Wall at such a young age.
2. Why Peter, Littlefinger, thinks he has a chance with Catelyn.
3. How Sansa thinks. 
4. Why Jon stays at the Wall.
5. Where Arya got her name for her direwolf, Nymeria.
6. The Hound isn't as bad as I thought he was.

It also solidified these thoughts :

1. I hate Catelyn Stark, she may have her family's best interests at heart but she's a complete cow to Jon even though he is a child. 
2. Jon is an incredible man, even at a boys age. He has such a beautiful nature and he's oh so valiant. 
3. Cersei is a cow. I'm not even going to elaborate. 
4. Joffrey is F$%#ed in his head
5. Dany is admirable and a strong leader, she really is destined for great things!
6. Sansa is too gullible.

Here is my review :

A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, #1)A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Brilliant writing which didn't surprise me because of how awesome the show is.... However the book allows you into the deeper thoughts of the characters which really excited me. I'm hooked on this series!

View all my reviews

Are you addicted to GoT? Who's your favourite character? Jon Snow is mine but I took a quiz and it turned out that I'm Arya so if buzzfeed says I am, I must be!

Have a great week peeps 

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Red Door Cafe - Review

Hello Blogland! How's everything going on your side of the world? Today I'm sharing a little gem I found in Johannesburg, actually, I didn't find it one of my friends did and it's not really in the central area of Johannesburg but more so in Edenvale. 

My friend lives a paleo lifestyle so eating out at times can be a challenge when I suggested that we meet near the airport he found this lovely quaint place. 

The Red Door Cafe has both paleo and non paleo friendly dishes but all the dishes are ridiculously delicious. We had a bullet proof coffee. That was my first one and I'll definitely be having a second one soon... They even have great healthy dessert options available. We sat outside but took a peak inside and this place has so much character - I just adore it!

The only thing I will give you a heads up on is that they charge you for hot water and lemon which is unusual but hey, the taste is worth the R2.50! 

Are you following any diet regime? Or do you just like quaint places like I do?

Monday, 17 November 2014

My Other Ex { Book Review }

I'm a girl who has had A LOT of friends come and go in my life sometimes with an event which escalates into the break up and sometimes... there's no warning signs. This book helped me feel as if I wasn't the only one who has had these experiences. I know I have been completely blessed to have had such an incredible amount of friends in my life and again, this collection of other woman's stories' reminded me that it's perfectly okay to feel as if when I lose a friend I've lost a love. Not all breakups are due to a lack of romance. 

I must be honest I would have never read this book if I hadn't read Kate's review and turns out she was spot on! I loved this book so much. While reading this book I was/am also reading two others and this one kept pulling me in especially because the chapters are so quick to read so I could fit in a chapter quickly while waiting at the petrol station or waiting for a friend before our coffee date. 

Okay, so the Goodreads description of this book is:

Have you ever lost a friend? Was that loss in some ways more painful than the end of a love affair?
Women’s friendships so often come to a crossroads at which time two women can try to hold on to the friendship, staying connected, or the friends can take two completely separate paths without each other.
Many of the essays in this book are about this moment in time, when both rupture and new beginnings are possible.
There are so many ways that friendships can end, and this book describes 35 of them, from talented and accomplished contributors. At the heart of each essay is the recognition from each writer that she has lost something very real and very personal, a connection that will never be forgotten.

I've picked a few moments or quotes from the book that truly resonated with me and I thought I'd share them with you.

" Women are frustratingly and magnificently wired for intimacy" - Nicole Knepper
My View: This is so relevant in my life because I crave the intimacy of a friendship which is probably the reason why when I'm friends with you, I'm all in"

"She hasn't died, but my best friend is gone." - Cheryl Suchors

My View: I've had this feeling and while your best friend still lives, the emptiness felt of her lost presence feels like death, sometimes wore than death because she's alive and well.. just living without you. 

" The number one reason people leave a relationship is called diminished returns: you don't get back what you put it." - Alexandra Rosas

My View: I would be guilty of this reason for a break up. I think like that this author noted that it's people who feel this way and not just women. 

Below is my Goodreads rating:

My Other Ex: Women's True Stories of Losing and Leaving FriendsMy Other Ex: Women's True Stories of Losing and Leaving Friends by Jessica Smock
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I never read short stories but after reading a blog review of this book I was definitely interested and I was not disappointed.

This nook has many short stories of different female friendships developing and ending and sometimes reconciling. Some of the stories truly touched my heart and helped me understand some of my own friendships which ended hastily or without a "show down". I think this is a book every woman should read to help them understand their past and possible future friendships.

Love Love Love!

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I truly believe that friendships are " platonic love affairs..." that's the reason it hurts so damn much when it end but even more so I agree with this " friendship is a verb" . I honestly wish every woman would read this book. It helped me understand my lost loves...

Have you ever lost a friendship without knowing what was the cause?

PS: Have a great week!

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

"I'd Rather Die Out There Than Stay In Here Forever"

My intention was for this to be a movie review post, the movie of course for those who haven't watched it or read it is The Maze Runner I had planned it while I was sitting on the edge of my seat watching the movie and then the title's quote came up "I'd Rather Die Out There Than Stay In Here Forever" and it got me thinking... what would I really do?

Now I won't give the story line away because I know some of you may want to watch the movie at some stage but there's a point in the film which got me thinking... would I choose to live a life of contentment and mediocrity or would I be willing to die looking for adventure and passion.

I actually already know the answer to this one. You see, I have this person in my life whom I love dearly and I could easily decide to pursue a relationship with him and our lives would be so good and content but I also know myself. I know I would never be happy in the long run. Maybe I'm asking too much in life to be looking for a passionate relationship which excites me and challenges me but I guess that's my question to ask because it's my answer to live with.

I wish I could tell all of you that I want to just find someone and settle down but the truth is I want someone who is going to want to challenge my every choice in life, a love which consumes me which is also a little dangerous... (sound familiar?)

Either way, this wasn't supposed to be a post about love more about a post about whether you're an individual who would choose to stay in comfort or be willing to die looking for something more.

Oh so I watched the movie as I mentioned earlier and it had a similar feel to Divergent/Hunger Games. I didn't realise it was based on a book because if I had, I would have read it before watching the movie. Also ladies, Dylan O'Brien is worth checking out. He's like a cute nerd... and who doesn't like cute nerds?

What's the latest film you've watched?

Also, I'm linking up with Helene for my current favourite song of the week and it's easy and I hope you enjoy it!
Helene in Between Song of the Week Wednesday

What are you listening to this week?

Friday, 7 November 2014

Getting To Know Victoria from SMB {Guest Post}

Happy Friday everyone! I'm not going to be here long today because I'm handing over to Victoria from Social Media Blooms so without further adieu... 

Hi Coral Tinted Perception lovers, I'm Victoria from Social Media Blooms. Earlier in the year I profiled Natalie on my blog, did you catch that post so she allowed me to showcase on her blog. { #Bloglove - ok this is Natalie adding the hashtag!} 

I thought I could share a questionnaire with you so you could get to know me better:

1. Who in your every day life knows about your blog?

My sisters, mom and fiance. In fact my youngest sis and a close friend started blogging recently, I would like to think that I've inspired them to do so. 

2. How long have you been blogging? 

Wow, good question. Can you believe it, almost 3 years. I had a pen and paper diary all my life, so I'm not really surprised that I started a blog. 

3. What would be your best advice to newbie bloggers?

Find your own voice and stay true to what you love + like. Please don't compare and despair, rather focus on your own strengths and go from there. Sooner or later you will find + connect with your tribe, amazing, like-minded individuals like you!

4. What social media platform do you like most?

Definitely Instagram. I love the vibrant images of food,  decor and nature. 

5. What's your favourite beauty product?

The Body Shop, Honeymania Body-butter, I'm slightly addicted to the smell. I also love early morning showers with the Whoosh Shower-jelly from Lush. 

6. Team Aniston or Jolie.

I recently joined team Aniston. I really love Jennifer's simplistic style and zen vibe. 

7. Favourite band?

The Beegees. There's a certain flow to their music. 

8. If you could live in any era which would it be?

The seventies, maybe because I'm a bit of a carefree hippie myself.

9. How important is fashion in your life?

I love dressing up a lot, it makes me feel confidence and pretty. While I'm grooming myself in the morning, I'm also mentally preparing myself for the rest of the day. Someone’s first impression of you is your visual presentation, it's kinda sad but that's just human nature. I'm currently loving the colourful tribal/boho fashion trends. 

10. What's your biggest goal for 2015?

To live simply and to not worry about the small stuff that much.

Well everyone, I hope you enjoyed my blog visitor today! Go follow her on , Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest and have an awesome weekend! 

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Pizza Hut Is Back!

For most South Africans my age, Pizza Hut played a major role in our childhoods, there must have been at least one birthday party with Pizza Hut pizza and then suddenly the brand wasn't doing well here anymore and eventually it left South Africa.
I was carrying my niece

Well, when it came back a couple of weeks ago, I received a notification in one of my family group chats and I got soooooo excited. I used to love their pizza and the nostalgia of the pizzeria had me visiting them sooner than someone who is on diet should be!

The actual place is much smaller than I expected but after listening and watching interviews it is clear that the owners who brought the franchise back to South Africa underestimated the popularity the brand would bring. The premises they are currently are in is extremely small but they are planning to open many more branches and I hope they bring back the feeling of sitting in a proper pizzeria. With this branch being so tiny they only have two small booths and a few scattered tables outside the premises but there are no plates, you break your box lid up in four and have your four plates. 

Also, I like that they don't give you an order number, they use your name ;) #ItsTheLittleThingsInLife

I must say the pizza tasted exactly how I remembered, we ordered the thick base and it was delicious. The menu isn't as large as I remember it being but the options available are great and you can always create your own pizza. 

So what's your favourite pizza topping?

Also, watch this space tomorrow, the lovely Victoria from Social Media Blooms will be guest posting.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

November Update

I was intending on showing up for Bloggers cool circle yesterday but I just did not have the time. I'm not going to give you the inevitable apology about how busy life is because obviously some important stuff is happening because I'm neglecting thus very important part of me.

Well, it's November and I've got huge list of things to do this month before everyone goes into full on party mode next month! 

What I will tell you is that I have a bucket list Summer 2014/15 planned as well as a guest post from one of my very sweet blog buddies,Victoria

In the midst of tying up lose ends this year, I hope you don't forget it's Movember! I shared a pic of my support on Saturday on my Instagram account (shameless plug, I know!) 

Also, Johannesburg has been having a ridiculous amount of load shedding for electricity which is super annoying and disruptive but I suppose it would be a #ThirdWorldProblemInAFirstWorldCity 

Have you set your goals for November? How about your resolution list from the beginning of the year, any of them still viable??