Monday, 23 February 2015

32 Years

Despite the fact that my internet is still not working at home and I'm doing this from my phone again (Sorry for the terrible set up) and even though I planned a totally different post for today I'm once again struck by my parents marriage. 

Yesterday was their 32nd wedding anniversary and it got me thinking about all the things it takes to make a good marriage... It doesn't just take love and commitment which albeit are essential but it takes having the same moral compass. Visualizing the same future and sometimes showing your partner a future they could never have imagined! 

It occurred to me yesterday after very long mid morning conversations with my parents that not only did their marriage mean so much because they are still so in love with one another but also  because they are incredible parents each in their own right. 

Now of course no one is perfect but I realized yesterday that I am lucky to have my parents around to talk to about serious stuff and sometimes just to listen. This got me thinking if I got married this year I would be 60 years old when I celebrate my 32nd wedding anniversary and that's scary... But you know what's more scary? Marrying someone knowing that I would dread every year with them.

Therefore my life my not have gone to plan and I may still be unmarried at 28 but I'm secure in the fact that I'm holding out for a great love, just like my parents! 

What do you think makes a good marriage?  

x Nats 

The High Road Is Not For Me

I’ve heard this saying for years and thought that would always be me. I pride myself on being a kind person but recently that limit was pushed.

I suppose I could blame it on the blistering heat wave that we’re in the middle off (you know, how could I keep a cool head in these temperatures?) or that it was that time of the month (that would just be a plain lie) or that I was just tired. Tired of being bullied and why shouldn’t I be? Why aren’t you?

Someone did something to me and instead of walking away from them (figuratively) I responded to their nasty emails with one of my own. I must be honest, it really wasn’t that nasty I just can’t seem to think of another term to contextualise either mails. You see, I could have handled nasty but underhand bullying is what really pisses me off and that’s what the mails were. I ignored the first but when the second came in I just couldn’t any longer.

A part of me wishes I regretted responding but the truth is I don’t. If anything I feel better for finally getting everything off my chest. As a trained attorney one of the things I have learnt is to mask rudeness in a mail with words which cut through the bull shit and still manage to make me seem very articulate. It’s an art… and it’s one of my favourite lawyering skills – to be able to be stern with not being overly rude or abrasive.

I digress. So the mails were forwarded to me and I responded one on one to this person and I let it rip because I was fed up and I knew that a lot of people would not appreciate what I was saying because you know.. “don’t go down to their level” but I also knew that no one but me was dealing with the effects of what those mails and that person’s past behaviour did to me.

Therefore in closing, I’m not sorry for unleashing years of anger hurt on that person because I hope that even if it’s just one line, that they think before the next time they want to treat someone as a second rate citizen.

I’ll see you guys and girls later this week! Do you always take the high road?

Thanks for stopping by! x

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Laters, baby - Fifty Shades Of Grey Review

I know you've probably read a million reviews on the infamous Fifty Shades of Grey movie but I will add my fifty cents worth (see what I did there.... ;) ) and I think it's worth that much too. 

If you plan on skimming this post then I'll make it easy for you. I liked the movie. I've read the book and I do like the movie but a lot of things could go wrong with it that actually go right. The worst thing about the movie is the casting of Christian Grey aka Jamie Dornan. Yes he's cute but he's no Christian Grey. Maybe it's because I read the entire series picturing Christian Grey  as the smoldering Ian Somerhalder that anyone but him would be a let down. Actually no, Dornan just isn't sexy enough. He's just too boy next door. #ImNotEvenSorry.

Grey is supposed to be super duper strong, confident and unnerved by Anastasia while he is definitely unnerved by Ana he lacks the confidence of a sexy businessman that I think billionaires should have. 

Dakota Johnson is a nice surprise... she's a very good fit for Anastasia Steele. In fact she actually saves the two of them and the director from his bad casting of Christian and Kate. Kate is supposed to be a bombshell who's super confident, super protective of Ana and this Kate is none of the above.Elliot is just plain forgettable. Oops, did I just say that?

The only other brilliant casting is Grace Grey. She's perfect and I wouldn't change her in the least. 

Now of course there are obvious wrongs that a conversion of the book would do because in the book we got the story from Ana's POV with her sometimes - annoying, sometimes - exhilarating commentary but in the movie we're stuck trying to remember what she was supposed to be feeling in that moment.  Also, a movie will always gloss over some moments that may not change the story line but definitely add to it and Ana's step dad seems more like a nice to have character as opposed to what he actually means to her in the book. 

Ok - WHY is Ana using a flip phone? I didn't even know they still make them.... 

A definite plus is that the movie is sexual without being overly sexual and is very far off from being a porn movie which is what people said it would be. It manages to convey the sexual story without being ridiculously uncomfortable. There were exactly two times when the sexual scenes got too much for me but it passed within less than 60 seconds so I could deal and so could you!

I read an article about how as woman we should not encourage BDSM and with my little knowledge (all gained from reading the series) it's not offensive as a woman to watch this movie because BDSM isn't just where a man takes advantage or rather, dominates a woman. BDSM can work either way and men can be the submissive in the relationship. I won't divuldge more because you may just want to watch the series and I don't want to give too much away. 

So, thoughts?? Until then... laters, baby 

Monday, 16 February 2015

When Your iPhone Shits On Your Life

My phone has been giving me problems for a while but I've managed to push through because I didn't want to have to go four to six weeks without my phone but it all caught up to me when my phone fell into the swimming pool yesterday. 

SO I rushed and put it in rice like I've been told to do a million times before in the moment of crisis and it didn't work. So I report it to my insurer and they need me to hand in my phone for four to six weeks while it gets assessed and then maybe I'll be getting a replacement phone. 

My question is, how the hell can anyone expect another person to go four to six weeks without their phone and no option of a replacement phone?

Apple pulls you in and makes you dependent on their products and then when you need help they need four to six weeks to fix it. Apple has forced me to become dependent on it and now thanks to Altech Autopage I'm going to be screwed over for the next couple of weeks. I mean, I could make this easy for them.... it fell in the pool. It's not going to work again It's over. 

To be honest the thing that really annoys me about all this is that corporates all bully the man on the street because we are powerless against them and if we want to be somewhat technology forward we'll be let down at one time or another. 

So, I don't have my phone, I'm off to get a sim swop because my nano sim won't fit into any other phone I have access too (Thanks Apple) and it's Monday morning. Clearly I am a happy chappie. NOT! 

Please tell me your week is off to a better start than mine? 


Monday, 9 February 2015

The Script ~ Phillip Phillips in Concert!

Last week I promised I would be back and then I went and disappeared again! Oops….! So I went to the Script and Phillip Phillips’ concert last week and I can easily say BEST CONCERT EVER! We went early and got into the front row which was so worth it!

Guys, girls I cannot say this enough – this was such a ridiculously incredible experience! I’ve been to many concerts from Michael Jackson to Kelly Clarkson to Boyz to Men to Justin Bieber and I’ve never had such a great time before.  As you should know I have a slight obsession with Ireland and the guys of The Script were exactly what my soul needed. They were just pure raw passion, fun and in a crowd of 1000s … intimate!

Before I jump into The Script’s review, I have to take a moment to say Phillip Phillips was AMAZING! I love his sound and to watch him on stage was invigorating! He was so into the music he just made you feel it! His set was only 30 minutes and believe me he could have played for hours and I would have watched with a HUGE smile on my face while screaming all the lyrics I knew out.  And then he went and favourite my cousin’s tweet and that made me super excited because he literally went off stage and checked twitter. Love him! Can he come back please!!!

So let’s get into The Script.
Danny who is probably the one you know most from the group – was incredible he walked through the crowd he ended up right in front of us and his voice was just perfectly on point! When I attended their concert 4 years ago Danny got somewhat emotional from when the crowd sang “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” and we did it again…  he was speechless and that was suppppper cute.

Mark is the guitarist and I would say he has changed most since their last concert. Previously he didn’t move around too much this time round he was definitely more comfortable on stage and he even walked down to where we were standing and gave my cousin his guitar pick after they performed “If You Could See Me Know” . Ummmm we were all stunned and then started screaming!

Glen who is the most active on The Script’s social pages is the most reserved on stage. He looks as though he enjoys the safety of his drums but when we called his name in between songs he smiled, waved and blew kisses back. 

The show was overwhelming and the word amazing is insufficient to explain how I felt during and after it. It’s 5 days later and I am still listening to only The Script and Phillip Phillips because I don’ want to let go of such an incredible evening. Also... my cousins and bff and I are in the picture The Script posted :) 

Which artist is your favourite concert that you’ve attended?

PS: Also and I’ve included a song to get your week going! 

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Anybody Out There?

Hello there CTP readers!!

I wouldn't usually apologize for having a life and not sharing it on here but I actually have wanted to share so much with all of you but I have been so swamped.

This past Saturday my brother got married, I was a bridesmaid and I made the wedding cake so to say I was stressed would be a huge understatement! 

So today I just wanted to remind all of you I am around and will be back in full swing! 

Can you believe it's already February? 2015 has already shocked me so much so who knows what else will come... 

Tonight I'm off to paint the town green with some of my favourite ladies at The Script's concert who's opening act is Phillip Phillips! I previously attended The Script's concert four years ago but I absolutely love them and cannot wait to sing along to all my favourites...

There are so many songs I can't wait to sing along too!

Are you a fan of either of them? If so, what's your favourite song?