Monday, 16 February 2015

When Your iPhone Shits On Your Life

My phone has been giving me problems for a while but I've managed to push through because I didn't want to have to go four to six weeks without my phone but it all caught up to me when my phone fell into the swimming pool yesterday. 

SO I rushed and put it in rice like I've been told to do a million times before in the moment of crisis and it didn't work. So I report it to my insurer and they need me to hand in my phone for four to six weeks while it gets assessed and then maybe I'll be getting a replacement phone. 

My question is, how the hell can anyone expect another person to go four to six weeks without their phone and no option of a replacement phone?

Apple pulls you in and makes you dependent on their products and then when you need help they need four to six weeks to fix it. Apple has forced me to become dependent on it and now thanks to Altech Autopage I'm going to be screwed over for the next couple of weeks. I mean, I could make this easy for them.... it fell in the pool. It's not going to work again It's over. 

To be honest the thing that really annoys me about all this is that corporates all bully the man on the street because we are powerless against them and if we want to be somewhat technology forward we'll be let down at one time or another. 

So, I don't have my phone, I'm off to get a sim swop because my nano sim won't fit into any other phone I have access too (Thanks Apple) and it's Monday morning. Clearly I am a happy chappie. NOT! 

Please tell me your week is off to a better start than mine? 



A Very Sweet Blog said...

HAHAHAHA A happie chappy you are not Natalie. Girl, that is way too long for a replacement. That's ashame. I hope you get one sooner. Nothing exciting this way.

shelly said...

ugh phone problems are the worst. i just dropped and broke the screen on my iPhone and i'm just dragging my feet to get it fixed because i know i'm just gonna be aggravated

Kay R. said...

Two things:
1. how long did you leave it in rice. My friend literally had to leave hers in there for 2 days and then she heard it ringing. No lie!!
2. 6 weeks??? They have to be kidding.

I just got the 6 and if anything happened to it. I just dunno.