Monday, 23 February 2015

32 Years

Despite the fact that my internet is still not working at home and I'm doing this from my phone again (Sorry for the terrible set up) and even though I planned a totally different post for today I'm once again struck by my parents marriage. 

Yesterday was their 32nd wedding anniversary and it got me thinking about all the things it takes to make a good marriage... It doesn't just take love and commitment which albeit are essential but it takes having the same moral compass. Visualizing the same future and sometimes showing your partner a future they could never have imagined! 

It occurred to me yesterday after very long mid morning conversations with my parents that not only did their marriage mean so much because they are still so in love with one another but also  because they are incredible parents each in their own right. 

Now of course no one is perfect but I realized yesterday that I am lucky to have my parents around to talk to about serious stuff and sometimes just to listen. This got me thinking if I got married this year I would be 60 years old when I celebrate my 32nd wedding anniversary and that's scary... But you know what's more scary? Marrying someone knowing that I would dread every year with them.

Therefore my life my not have gone to plan and I may still be unmarried at 28 but I'm secure in the fact that I'm holding out for a great love, just like my parents! 

What do you think makes a good marriage?  

x Nats 

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