Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Sibling Confessions {Link Up #11}

As I told you on Monday, it was my brother's birthday which lead me to think about all the things I've done or would do for my brother as well as all the confessions that go along with sibling love.

So, here we go, I confess

... I only have one brother. He's the older one.

... when I was 10 years old or so my parents said they were going to have another baby and I had a full on hissy fit thankfully they were just joking with me. 

... my brother was the one who was responsible for co-ordinating my first "official" kiss. 

... since then he gets all icky about me and boys

... when Edwin, my brother was 12 years old or so, he was running in our flat and jumped on the door frame and fell which he was warned about doing before. When he fell, he ended up cracking his head but before my parents came home he coerced me into agreeing to tell everyone that he was chasing me and fell against the table so my parents didn't have to tell him "I told you so". family believed the above story for a good 5 years until we thought it was safe to share the truth. 

... when we were younger we went for dancing lessons together, I think we looked something like this...

... I actually pulled off throwing a surprise party for my brother last year

What stories can you share about sibling/s???

Monday, 28 July 2014

Monday Motivation

It's been a busy couple of weeks and I've missed blogging so much but life gets going and before you know it a week or three has gone by and you can't pinpoint where all the time has gone.

I've been reminded recently how incredible life can be and simultaneously, how challenging it can be. I've noticed I've been taking a lot less photos (despite the fact that my iPhone has now told me my storage is also full so maybe I need to offload soon) I've been trying to take in my surroundings.

So today, my thought is simple....

Also, it's my brother's 31st birthday today so I'm obviously wishing him the very best for the year ahead!!! I've only got one sibling, one brother and one person guaranteed to have the same blood as me forever. Everyone who knows me in my "real" life knows, I love him and will do things for him that I would never do for anyone else! 

Oh, and because I'm showing up here on a Monday, here's some music to get your week going...

Have a great week everyone!!!

What's motivating you this week?

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Humpday Confessions {Link Up #10}

I am so late today with this post and linking up to the part for Humpday Confessions with Kathy however I can't seem to get the button working :( 

I wish I had the patience to give a wonderful explanation and an introductory paragraph which would explain why I am so late and why it is I haven't posted since last week's confessions but I don't so let's just get into it.

... I have been in Johannesburg for almost two weeks. I came to visit my cousin before she had her baby and to be around when the baby was born.

... Baby B as I was calling her was due on the 18th of July but i was hopeful that she would be a few days early so I could get some extra time with her before I was forced  had to go back to Cape Town but he decided the 18th was her date to arrive so now I only got to have 5 days with her.

... after being there for my cousin pre-labour and post labout I have a newly found respect for woman who give birth naturally and especially my mom because that is not easy!

... I am honestly rethinking whether I should have gestational carriers for my babies in the future.

... it was so beautiful to see how my family reacted to meeting the newest addition to our family. She's the first great grand child on my dad's side of the family so Baby B represents the new generation of our family.

... I know people always say when you have a baby everything comes naturally to you but it's still surprised me how easily my cousin and her hubby (and everyone around us) have adapted to being around the baby and changing her or burping her.

... I totally get why there are so many mommy bloggers out there. This is my niece and I feel like I want to tell the World about every little thing that she does. Oh and did I mention, she's only 5 days old? It's awesome to show off  discuss how different babies are and also your everyday concerns which you feel silly asking the doctor or midwife.

... my little cousin who I am extremely close too said she was scared when this baby comes along I was going to forget her and only love Baby B but when she met Baby B she completely ditched me but I can't hold it against her because come on, she's totally adorable,right?

... I only finished reading everybody's confessions from last week yesterday morning it was difficult to get through them with everything going on but when I got to the last one I was super impressed with myself. 

... over the weekend my phone just stopped working. It refused to charge and I was in full on panic mode

 I mean... how else would I document my niece's days without my trusty iPhone camera? Luckily it seems to be working at the moment. 

... I watched Bad Neighbors last night with my brother and his fiance and she fell asleep in the cinema but my brother and I was laughing out ridiculously loudly!

... I've always known Zac Efron is a hottie but OMG whenever there's a camera still on his face I literally look like this...

And that's all for today folks! Have an awesome midweek... I'll be popping by your blogs to say hello!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

OCD Confessions {Link Up #9}

Welcome to Wednesday, it's time for humpday confessions with Kathy and Ian of course!

Vodka and Soda

I had another post planned for today but I just couldn't get into it to finish it off so I thought I would share one of my entertaining traits ... well, my obsessive compulsive traits. Basically, the things that just irk me.

* Dirty hair or dirty looking hair. I think I've shared this one on the blog before but am too busy lazy to go back and find the link for it so you'll just have to take my word for it. I know that I shouldn't judge people with oily hair but I have oily roots and I just make sure that I was my hair all the time to not look as if my hair is dirty.

Also, when people have put powder or something else in their hair to make it look clean but it actually smells oily because, hello - your hair is dirty!

* Long toenails. When people are wearing sandles but they are clearly a size too small because they haven't taken into consideration that they don't know how to cut their nails/

* Men with long nails. I don't care how beautiful you if your nails are long you instantly lose points. 

* I'm obsessed with making sure I have my nails painted. I just feel naked with nothing on them.

* When I have painted all my nails and then one gets smudged, I have repaint all of them. 

* Towels. I read somewhere that you shouldn't use a towel more than three times before washing it before a whole lot of bacteria grows on them so I basically change my towel every second day. This drives my mother insane but I just have too.

I have many more things that I obsess over but I have to run, so have a wonderful day everybody, I'll be sure to leave some love on your pages 

Monday, 14 July 2014

Secrets of Blogging Tag { and Link the Love}

Good morning all...

Last week, the sweet Laura from Miss Laura Bora's Blog tagged me for the Secrets of Blogging. Thanks for thinking of me Laura. I'm not sure how many secrets I can share but I'll give it a try. 

a.) When did you start blogging and why?

March 2013... although this wasn't my first blog that's when I started blogging. 
I always felt that I had so many thoughts going on in my head that I just wanted to find a platform where I could start throwing my many thoughts out into the world. I didn't expect to pursue it the way I do now but it's a hobby which has grown into a passion.

b.) How many people in your "real" life know about your blogging?

Loads. Most of my family know about it but I don't think many of the "real" people read  my blog which I used to be a bit sad about but now I feel better about the creative freedom. 

c.) What are your favourite posts to read?

Inspirational or motivational posts but I also enjoy travel posts and I especially reading lifestyle posts about how different people do things which is probably why I love the confessions posts.

d.) List a blog you've recently found 

The Kay Times - She's awesome, funny and a lawyer who loves football. 

e.) Which posts are you most proud of?

This post about a stranger changing things was my most honest post. The most romantic TV love declarations ever.  I loved this market find oh and all my travel posts!

f.) Any advice for future blogs?

Read a lot of blogs before you start to post. Comment on the posts you like but be genuine and decide on your niche and go with it. Remember your blog is your space so don't let others dictate it.

So, linking the love today with Miche... 

Buttons and Birdcages

> Thanks to Laura for tagging me
>I'm tagging Kay from The Kay Times and Victoria from Adventures of Victoriafolksky
> My family I'm staying with in Joburg, the weather is cold and they are definitely keeping it warm with the gas heater and warm company.

Lessons learnt from Eat Pray Love

This morning when I was on the treadmill, yes you didn't misread that.. I was on the treadmill, not exactly running jogging the entire time but I was moving lets face it movement is better than no movement. As I was saying, I was on the treadmill and watching Eat Pray Love for the third time which may seem like a lot but movies I like I watch at least 50 times so it wasn't comfort I was looking for, I was looking for the reason this book and then movie changed so many people's lives. 

Now of course, I've actually read the book so I must admit, I sort of got it but still thought it was overrated. However as I grow older and wiser  I realise how much more I identify with Liz. If you haven't watched the movie or read the book this may help you to decide if you want to... 

These are my lessons 

1.) As a woman you have to learn to trust your instincts. There are so many woman (and men) that stay in relationships which turn to into marriages even though they know they are settling. This may not have been the case when Liz got married but the more time she was married to her husband, she realised that she wasn't like the women around her. It's extremely difficult to not be like everyone else, know it and act on it but you must act on it otherwise you too could end up on the bathroom floor begging God to save you from a life of existing not living.

2.) You have to find contentment on your own. Looking for contentment doesn't mean you are settling. Even when you are incredibly happy... you need to be content in that moment. 

3.) We need to give more. I know there are loads of people who do charity work and give generously but this story got me thinking.. how often do we give to those who surround us... our family, our friends - especially when they are embarking on their endeavors. When Liz asks her friends to send her money 

4.) People will screw you over, they are more than likely desperate, don't hold it against them. Liz helps her friend with money to rebuild her home but the friend tries using Liz to get more money then needed for the house. She eventually sees that this is the way of life. 

5.) Sometimes, you got to just buy bigger jeans. 

6.) Travelling alone is okay. It's scary but you have to trust your instincts. When you're a traveler ( and not a tourist, there's a difference) you feel it in your gut and you should go with it. People may frown on you travelling on your own and you may leave families/boyfriends/jobs to search for yourself but if you can afford to do it - GO!

7.) Happiness comes from within. This may seem cliche' but it is God's honest truth. If you cannot be happy by yourself, you will NEVER be happy with anyone else.

What did you think of this story? 

PS: I know Germany won the World Cup, it's official.. every team I supported in this tournament lost. 

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Confessions of a Football Loving Girl {Link Up #8}

Vodka and Soda

Good morning everybody!!! 

Can't believe it's Wednesday already and this week I decided to theme my humpday confessions with Kathy because, I didn't have enough interesting confessions to share I wanted too. 

I've made it no secret that I love watching soccer or football (whatever you want to call it) but I'm not sure I've told you let's get into it. 

I confess : 
* my dad started a soccer team when I was four years old and that's where I was surrounded by soccer games and training and men with sons

* I was mostly the only girl with my mom and the other footballer's wives

* This team went on for almost twenty years and through the years the friends I made along the way made different reactions 

age 4 :

age 12:

age 18:

* Guys always say they want a girl who appreciates soccer but then we go on a date and I know more and they look at me like this...

* A couple of years ago, a friend and I walked into a store after a big championship game had been on the night before and one of the coaches had lost it.

The guys in the store started talking loud about what happened but then they were contradicting one another so I very easily told them what happened and they all look embarrassed and well, didn't say much more to us.. 

So basically, every time I thought my knowledge would enhance a conversation with a guy it actually highlights their lack of knowledge and that's never comfortable.

*Despite the above confession, I still love to watch the game. My teams were eliminated very early in the tournament but I have continued to watch every game including Brazil's historic loss to Germany.

What are you confessing this week???

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Things I Do When I'm Alone {Link Up}

Have I mentioned that I hate introductory paragraphs?  It's possible that's because I have so many thoughts going through my brain that knowing there is extra pressure to entice the reader with the first few lines makes it more stressful as opposed to fun.

Now with that being over I can pretend I wrote an awesome intro and we can move along to today's topic of what I do when I'm alone...

* I love going to the movies alone. I know some people understand it but there are others that think I'm cray cray but seriously movies on my own are my favourite because then I can pick whatever I feel like watching and I can cry or laugh out loud and know no one is going to laugh at me

* I don't wear a bra or pants... I usually spend time in my JT top. 

* I don't close the doors. Whether it's doors to the bathroom or bedroom, even if I leave it open a jar, I just don't close them fully. Oh and I don't close the cupboard doors either. I'm sure there's some psychology behind it but I don't know or understand it..

* I binge watch TV  I do this all the time anyway

* I bake, in fact when I'm alone is most creative baking time!

* I talk out loud to myself.

I wish had more interesting things to share with you but I honestly can't think of anything hopefully the ladies linking up with Allie and the girls are more entertaining than I am 


Also, I'm linking up with Miche again for spreading the love and this week the love definitely goes out to my brother and his new fiance'. It's always been just my brother and I but now he's getting married and I get to have a new sibling which is kind of awesome! 

Also one of my really good friends is moving to Germany to live with her hubby (you can read about their wedding here - shameless plug) and I'll be going away before she leaves so I'm really sending her tons of love in their new life together!

Buttons and Birdcages

That's all folks... I should be seeing all of you tomorrow for Confessions...

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Sunday, 6 July 2014

I'll never.... {Link Up}

Well it feels like I haven't been here in ages although I know it hasn't been too long since I've spent some quality time with all of you. 

Firstly, I didn't post on Friday but I did tweet to wish all my american followers and friends a Happy 4th of July so I still got mad love for all of you!

Secondly, with the cold finally hitting Cape Town.. what will make my time more pleasant than rambling sharing my thoughts with you..

You know they always say never say never, I mean even Brandy had a song about it...

let's get into it, I'll NEVER..

* get a tattoo, while I know people love their tattoos, I cannot handle pain. I am the biggest baby in the world so I cannot imagine putting myself through pain deliberately. Also, even if I could handle pain, I wouldn't want to because I don't like the idea of marking my body but that's a whole other blog post. 

If I would get a tattoo, I would get something I really believe in and love. So it should be no surprise that I would choose a YNWA tattoo. Then again... this will never ever happen!

* Get anymore piercings. I only have my ears pierced but as per the above confession, I don't do well with pain. I don't care if it's momentary pain but I just can't handle it.

* Be a pregnant teenager, I'm well into my Twenties so at least I accomplished surviving that statistic. 

* Be a reality star. Unless I marry some rich, fame hunger man who wants someone following us around this ain't going to happen. I laugh admire people that manage to put their lives out into the world. Thanks but no thanks. 

* Join Team Angelina. I don't care if Jen marries and has a 100 kids with a 100 different men, I loved Jen and Brad and I'll never get over it and I'll never forget...

* get tired of watching Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman or Magic Mike. 

* Eat cockroaches. I always watch The Bachelor and these guys test the girls' limits by whether they are willing to eat gross things. Let's face it, I could love you to the moon and back, but it is never happening! I don't care about any country's delicacies because I'm just not adventurous like that.

I'm not sure what else I can definitely never do but I'm sure I'll get loads more ideas from the other ladies linking up.. so check them out!


Have an awesome Sunday!