Monday, 26 January 2015

Do You Act Your Age?

A couple of days ago I was having a chat with my cousin and we were discussing this idea of compromising what we believe in for others and as you know, I'm kinda passionate about not being a hypocrite and while we were in the middle of the discussion I said to her "we're not pretending for others we're just being grown up about it".

It was in that moment I realized  what being mature in a situation is about. It's not the idea of always doing the right thing or what I believe in but it's about doing what's for the greater good.

Although in understanding this I also finally got the full understanding of "fake it till you make it" because sometimes you really have to just push through circumstances for the sake of not upsetting the apple cart.

While we continued chatting I must be honest I realized that we have a lot in common! I already knew that but her answers to some of my questions or responses to what I was saying we're just about identical to what I have probably already said 10 years ago. It's in this conversation that while I may "28 going on 18" in many ways I think I've finally plateaued in being the same age as my level of maturity.

Do you think you act your age?

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

HaPPy BiRTHdaY To Me...

Have an awesome days CTP readers... I certainly will! 

Love the birthday girl

Monday, 19 January 2015

It's My Birthday Week!

I'm claiming the whole week as mine! My 28th birthday is on Wednesday and I've decided it's only fair to claim the entire week as mine to celebrate or sulk or dance too because .. why not?

I honestly cannot believe that I will be 28 years old this week. I've been trying to wrap my brain around it but I still haven't been able too. After all 28 year olds are probably married or almost there... they are suppose to have the rest of their lives planned out. I'm not that person. And yes, while I will appreciate the messages or comments that I get sent to me about how "we all have our own paths in life" or some version of that just take a moment to appreciate the fact that I just mean that my life isn't how I planned. It's not that I'm necessarily sad about it or ecstatic about it - it just means I have to make peace with it.

My brother is getting married next week so our whole lives are busy with organizing that but I'm going to take a minute to really think about what the next 28 days/months/years are going to be like. Too much? Probably! So let's stick with the next 28 hours. 

What do you have planned for this week? Did I mention I'm in Cape Town for a few days! 

Thursday, 15 January 2015

2015 The Year of More

Is it wrong to still be talking about our plans for 2015? I mean we're halfway through the first month of the year already but I still wanted to share about what I plan for this year... tacky? Nope, this is my blog so I get to chat about whatever's on my mind and hope you stay around for it!

Today I'm not sharing resolutions, although I have an incomplete list written down in one of my many notepads what I am sharing is the things I want to do more of this year.

Attend more concerts or live shows

Now I'm sort of cheating because I already have my concert tickets to The Script and supporting act Phillip Phillips in February as well as One Direction in March but I also want to go to the One Republic concert later this year and see who else Big Concerts brings to South Africa this year. 

I know some people don't like concerts or crowds, I am not that person! I love being live arenas or live sports events, I love feeding off everyone's energy it literally picks my spirit up!

Should I mention this is the second time I'm going to see The Script... I'm not even sorry

 Listen to more music that makes me smile

I love music and I love sad love songs but this year I want to increase the happy around me which means I'm going to have to up my happy music. Any suggestions?

 Take more pictures for my blog

I intend to do this all the time but then my laptop was giving me some issues a while ago so I had to use my phone for images and they just weren't looking up to scratch. and I really liked the one I shared with you last week. Actually I just want to work more on my blog look as well. 

 More movement

I know, cliche, doesn't everyone put this on their list! Towards the end of last year I was really getting into a mode of activities so once the wedding fever with my brother's wedding is done (at the end of this month) then I think I'll be able to get back into the swing of things. 

What's something you've been doing but want to do more of this year? This is an open ended list so I may add some more if you guys share some good ideas with me :)

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Golden Globes 2015 (basically bowing down to Kate Hudson)

The Golden Globes usually has something that makes the red carpet interesting, this year it was all very safe and very white and red. 

I'm not going to waste your time, or mine, by recapping the same pictures you've probably already seen all over twitter and instagram. What I will do is share my favourite look : the lovely Kate Hudson!

I love that she kept her hair, make up and jewels minimal so her dress could do all the talking.

I loved this moment captured on E's live from the Red Carpet

There were other looks I liked like Emma Stone and Kate Beckingsale both ladies look beautiful but again, very safe.

My worst dressed goes to the usually regal Keira Knightley.. 

What are your thoughts on the Golden Globes fashion?

Friday, 9 January 2015


I'm not sure if you remember but at the beginning of last year there was a trend of posts going round where bloggers were almost setting their goals or the tone for the year ahead and my choice was to Be Present. This year I gave this some serious thought because it worked for me to come back to my main focus for 2014. 

This year I wanted to be anti-procrastination and I had to search for a word that fully encompassed this and Alacrity is the word. The meaning is simply:

1. Cheerful willingness, eagerness
2. Speed or quickness; celerity

This is what I want for myself. I hate that I procrastinate so much so I think if I make a conscious effort to completely opposite it then I'll be 1000 times better than I've ever been.

So, what's your word for the year?

Thursday, 8 January 2015

It's 2015 Baby!!!

While I know we are into the second week of 2015 already and I'm now stating the obvious but it's the first time I'm showing up on the blog for the new year therefore I have to take a moment to wish you everything of the best that this year can offer and more.

I don't know about you but I've got big HUGE plans for this year and while I plan on sharing some insight with you tomorrow I thought I should share a life lately post so you know what I've been up too and why I haven't been posting recently..

~ I've moved into a new place and it's been ridiculously hectic but I think I'm almost all settled in. 
~ I had a quiet Christmas with a few of my family members, I can easily say it was the smallest Christmas we have ever had but it was still big. We played games and sat around chatting - it was awesome!

~ I road-tripped to Durban for New Years and my niece's dedication.
~ I spent New years Eve at the Ballito Street Bash which was a neon party (which I found out hours before and I had a black outfit) and it rained the entire night, not drizzled - full on pouring rain but we were good sports once we were there we just thought "Whatevs, let's make the most of it" . It was soooooo much fun. 
At the New Years Eve Bash
 ~ New Years day is also my cousin's birthday and she turned 18 so we had lunch and a walk on the beach... 
Birthday Lunch Selfie 

Blushing birthday wishes

~ The 2nd of January is my mother's birthday so there were even more birthday celebrations.

~ Then we had my niece's dedication (similar to a baptizim) and I made this incredible cake!

~ Followed by my brother's fiance's 30th birthday which coincided with our last morning together..

~ We all said our goodbyes and made our way home. 

The festive season has been good, very chilled and very much family orientated. I think it's exactly what I needed to end 2014 off with and definitely what I needed to start 2015.

So with all the basis covered, I wanted to wish you this.. 

Till next time.. x Nats