Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Mindy Is My Girl Crush

I posted my review of "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?" to Goodreads but it's been bothering me because I honestly think I didn't do the author, Mindy, justice. A huge reason as to why I didn't LOVE the book is because I think it started to fade about halfway through. In the past I may have just stopped reading but the thing is, I like Mindy. She's funny, personable and identifiable.

So I fell like I should share the reasons why, although I didn't love her book, I walked away (figuratively speaking because the book is on my kindle app on my iPhone and you know I didn't walk away from that!) from the book knowing her a bit more, respecting her more than that and completely crushing on her awesomeness and here's why:

1. I want a guy who is entrenched in his own life. Entrenched is awesome.

People, I cannot explain why these two sentences is everything in my life right now. I recently had a guy become overbearing and you know what? It drove me insane! I definitely want a man in my life who has a life already. I want us to compliment one another and I'm sure that will be challenging but I don't want to be his everything because that's just not healthy.

2. Sometimes you just have to put on lip gloss and pretend to be psyched.

Story of my life! How often do we end up in situations, bad dates or awkward family functions and you just have to burrow through. Plus this saying is much cuter than "Put my Big girll Panties on"... don't you agree?

3. She also battled with the hobby that comes so easily to everyone else - riding a bicycle.

4. I think my parents are perfect and so am I.

I don't believe anyone is perfect but my parents do come pretty close to it and well, I'm probably just millimeters behind. Just kidding.

5. If you're scared of something that isn't a sign that you should do it. It probably means you shouldn't.

YES! I am so tired of people telling other people to bite the bullet or whatever metaphor or idiom they use. Sometimes you're scared for a reason. Trust your instincts.

6. Men know what they want and they don't let you in on their inner monologue, and that is scary.

Being a part of the dating world, albeit a very small part of that world, this is one truth I can definitely identify with. Boys are still searching for what they want in their job, their partner or even their car. Men, well, they know exactly what they want and the scarier (and sexier) part is they know how they are going to get it. As scary and intimidating as it is to be with a man who doesn't vocalize his plans it's still better than being a boy's project to find his manhood.

And lastly -

7. Maybe the point is that any marriage is work, but you may as well pick work that you like. 

I've spent a lot of time on this blog or on my other social media pages sharing my admiration for my parent' marriage and it's not because it's perfection but because they make the work it takes to make thier marriage work still be enjoyable. I want that. I'll get it. 

Here's my goodreads review:

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this book, Mindy is of course funny and has a unique look at life.
The only problem which kept me from absolutely loving this book was that a large part of it was based on Mindy's time with the office and I've never watched the show! (Shameful, I know) but I have finished this book, loving Mindy even more than ever!

That being said, she's awesome! I follow her on just about all social media outlets and I really enjoy her as a person. What are your views on her? 

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Life Lately 2015 (1)

I cannot apologize enough for this space being so bare recently and while I know every good blogger should never apologize for having a life outside of their blog I do feel compelled to say I have missed all of you, I have missed writing about what's been going on and I miss reading your comments and blogs.

I just missed this part of my life.

So, last week, before I disappeared for a week I told you I went to the SA Navy Festival, it was not a planned trip but my parents decided last minute with a cheapish ticket to bring me to them. I guess the six weeks since the wedding was too long for them not to see their baby and who am I to deny them the opportunity to spoil their little girl...

Cape Town was magnificent as per usual and I got to spend some quality time with some of my besties which is exactly what I needed. I didn't realise that I was feeling so run down until I got to CT and got to relax... 

On Saturday I had the One Direction concert and ladies and gentleman these boys, well men, are ridiculously amazing performers and singers. I cannot explain the amount of respect I have for them! Obviously in light of Zayn leaving the group last week officially the fans were feeling down and the group was sad but everyone rallied and made it one of the most insane concerts I have ever attended. I plan on doing a concert recap post for you but what I will say is that I've never seen that level of love obsession for music artists, and I attended a Michael Jackson concert!

Sunday was the Gerrard v Carragher Liverpool FC Charity match which brought a whole lot of players from the past, present and future together in one game which would have already been special but add in that it was Suarez's first return to Anfield and Xabi Alonso and Fernando Torres was coming was incredible. Fernando Torres had returned to Anfield before but as a Chelsea player and I wasn't sure how his reception would be at the game but the fans I think have finally forgiven him. It was a beautiful sight to see him on the field with Gerrard and SUarez but the moments between him and Stevie Gerrard were the ones which made me most emotional .

On Tuesday, yesterday, I moved out of my current place and to be honest I haven't had a moment to even process it. A lot of change is coming and I'm nervous... excited but more than anything I'm bracing myself for whatever God has planned....

What's been going on with you?
x Nats