Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Someday I Will...

I was catching on my blogs and then I noticed that a few of the blogs I was reading all had titles "Someday I will" and I realised .. link up :)

So here it goes, I'm linking up with Taylor today.

Someday I will...

* learn to speak Spanish

I've been wanting to learn Spanish for the longest time and I am making progress .. but very very slowly.

* learn to play the piano

I tried to learn when I was in the 4th Grade but then got distracted.

* travel to Spain

This year, my eurotrip was supposed to be to Spain this year but then I didn't have anyone to go with and my leave didn't match up with the possible Contiki trip. I honestly cannot wait to go there!

* watch Liverpool play at Anfield

I haven't watched them  play live yet but I know I will get the chance sooner rather than later!

* meet Steven Gerrard

This is how I will look

* go on another Contiki Trip

Contiki first time round was amazing and I still have so many great relationships formed and I can't wait to see any of them soon!

* figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life

* love my career

* love my husband and children (which I will also have someday) more than anything else

* write my book

* have stepped onto every continent in the world

* will consistently work at being healthy

* be involved with a NGO which is close to my heart or start my own

* own my own beach house like the one in Nights in Rodanthe

* learn how to use all the HTML codes on my blog!

What will you do someday?

Monday, 28 October 2013

Music Monday : Flying Without Wings

This is one of the songs that really solidified my love for POP music or rather acted as a catalyst for POP music.

The first time I heard this song was when Gareth Gates sang it on the UK Pop Idols and I fell in love with the song and with him!

But I soon learned that there were loads of versions out there and that Gareth's just happened to my favourite. Here are more versions ...
Westlife's Version

Delta Goodman feat Bryan McFadden
Ruben Studdard

Which is your favourite version?

Have an awesome week!!!

Sunday, 27 October 2013

When a Loved one says F U

I had (have) a friend who repeated this saying " Each to their own" over and over again in her quest for independence and for people not to judge her. But the truth of the matter is that she said it in order for her to do and say what she wanted and for people to leave her be.

In recent weeks I have had a loved one disappoint me so much that I honestly had to take a mental time-out before actually typing up this post.

This person is someone who I have always been there for and in all fairness is someone who has always been there for me but the way in which this situation has been handled has left me with a sour taste in my mouth. It is so sad that people who you allow into your life can easily turn around and you basically spit in your face.

People who love you should always be honest with you and you should always remember that those who love you will only give you their thoughts or opinions based on protecting your best interests and here's MY life opinion - IF I do not agree with some of your choices then fine, live with it and I will do the same but do not go and badmouth me for not condoning your pathetic life choices.

This person has acted in a way which is disheartening and although there will be a time when I will be in this person's life but the truth is just like a cheating man, you'll take them back into your life but you will never look at them the same way. I think you can forgive and forget but there is no need to replay.

What are your thoughts? How do you forgive someone who has completely shattered your faith in your relationship?

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Movie Review : Battle of the year

Last night I went to watch "Battle of the year" starring Chris Brown and Josh Holloway and my review is not pretty! 

The storyline was so incredibly basic and predictable that Charne and I chatted through the movie as if we were watching a movie at home. 

The movie released yesterday in South Africa and the movie house was sort of empty which should have been my first indication of the crap that was to follow. 

I don't mean to bash the movie but honestly the best part of the movie was simple Josh Holloway.  It's a toss up between Josh Holloway's eyes and his dimples! 

The movie was in 3D but was so NOT worth it! Again, accept for Josh Holloway. 

The best part of the movie was that I got to spend some quality time with my cousin, Charne. 

Have you watched this movie? Will you? Or the real question... Which is more appealing, Josh Holloway's eyes or his dimples???

Thursday, 24 October 2013

3 Shows I'm currently loving

I haven't done a "3 things" post in a while so I thought with my love of tv, why not do one on the shows I am currently loving! 

1. Betrayal
I've only watched episode one of season one but it was so captivating that I know I am going to be addicted. Stuart Townsend also happens to be some really good eye candy.

Love this quote: "After the first betrayal there is no other"

2. Hostages

I am on episode two of season one but I am enjoying it. Toni Collette is a brilliant actress and although I have always thought she was slightly weird her acting ability is admirable.

One of my favourite quotes : " Sometimes you have to do a bad thing for a good reason."


3. Pretty Little Liars

Well this is by no means a new show I am still completely addicted to it. Even with "A" being unveiled I am still incredibly intrigued! I love the main four girls but my favourite is a toss up between Aria and Emily.

Do you agree? "Just because two things happen at the same time doesn't mean their connected."

What shows are you currently loving?? Do you like mine? While I didn't include Suits, you know I am loving it too!


Tuesday, 22 October 2013

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

When trying to think what to title my post today I changed it a number of times, I usually don't give that much thought into it but I didn't want to mispreprent what it is I wanted to say today.

If you follow me on twitter or we are friends on facebook, heck if we've spoken in the last couple of weeks, you would know that I have not been in the best headspace. Last week I had something on every single day of the week, so from work I would have to go to one appointment and then rush off to another. I knew it was going to be a hectic couple of days but I honestly did not think my body would give up on me. In Thursday morning, I became ill and it lasted well.... all the way through to today.

I have been saying to anyone who would listen my friends and family that when you're body is shouting at you you should listen. A few weeks ago my skin started acting up and then my hair was falling out and I swaer everything I eat goes straight to my hips but last week was the final straw for me. While I suffered in pain, I thought "If only I had said no to one or two things" my body would have pushed through. Pushed through to what is the question?

The Fear of Missing out hit me bad and then my body hit back which sucks but it has forced me to take a moment (or a week) to decide what am I going to do to change all these things that are affecting my body.

I think it's important for me to remember to say NO when necessary and remember that I need to take a mental time out.

FOMO coupled with the many developments in my life have left me in a bit of a sour place and I am trying really hard not to let the negativity spread.

Now tell me, what do you do to deal with FOMO??? DO you suffer with it or is just me?

Monday, 21 October 2013

One Tree Hill - Music Monday

If I haven't mentioned this before (because it's possibly in one of my drafts) I love One Tree Hill. I was/am absolutely obsessed with Leyton (Lucas and Peyton). I actually think it was the introduction of the Peyton in my high school career that helped shaped my personality.

Lucas said in Season 6, it is important that the director understands that "Peyton's whole mood can change with a song" and the truth is, this is exactly me. It's funny how much music has shaped me.

Here is a quote in which she explains the difference between lyric people and music people: -
I am a lyric person, what are you???

Peyton's character introduced me to many different types of music for example:


And most importantly,

I miss this show, it's simple and clear that I loved the new music genres that it opened me up too and now I find that a lot of shows I watch will become my favourite shows after I know the soundtracks are good.

Are there any shows which you like even more after you hear some of their songs? I'd love to hear your recommendations?

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Blame it on Bruno Mars!

When people ask me "Why I am Single?" I now have an answer, simple - it is Bruno Mars' fault!

And no, it's not because I now expect every man to treat me like he sings about it "If I were your man"

But rather the fact that he has another song... all about me! (or so it would seem)...

For your ease... here are the lyrics...

Oh, I never done this before
Never wanna do this again
Wrong turn on a dusty road
I did it to myself, I can't pretend
Well, I learned just a little too late
Good God, I must've been blind
'Cause she got me for everything, everything, everything, alright

Like my daddy I'm a gambling man
Never been afraid to roll the dice
But when I put my bet on her
Little Miss Snake eyes ruined my life
She better sleep with one eye open
Better make sure to lock her doors
'Cause once I get my hands on her, Imma oh

Natalie ‒ she ran away with all my money
And she did it for fun
Natalie ‒ she's probably out there thinking it's funny
Telling everyone
Well, I'm digging a ditch
For this gold-digging bitch
Watch out ‒ she's quick
Look out for a pretty little thing named
Natalie ‒ if you see her tell her I'm coming
She better run

The good lord better bless your soul
'Cause I done already cursed your name
Don't matter which way you go
Payback's gonna come your way
You'll be begging me, please, please, please
And now I look at you and laugh, laugh, laugh
While you sit there and cry for me, cry for me, cry for me all night

I spend a lifetime in jail (yeah, that's what I'll do)
I'll be smiling in my cell (yeah, thinking bout you)
Can't nobody save you now
So there ain't no use in trying
Once I get my hands on you, Imma oh

Natalie ‒ she ran away with all my money
And she did it for fun
Natalie ‒ she's probably out there thinking it's funny
Telling everyone
Well, I'm digging a ditch
For this gold-digging bitch
Watch out ‒ she's quick
Look out for a pretty little thing named
Natalie ‒ if you see her tell her I'm coming
She better run

I should've known better (I should've known better)
'Cause when we were together ('Cause when we were together)
She never said forever (She never said forever)
I'm a fool that played her game, hey

Natalie ‒ she ran away with all my money
And she did it for fun
Natalie ‒ she's probably out there thinking it's funny
Telling everyone
Well, I'm digging a ditch
For this gold-digging bitch
Watch out ‒ she's quick
Look out for a pretty little thing named
Natalie ‒ if you see her tell her I'm coming
She better run

Now I have a reason to be single, Bruno Mars is ruining my name and all associated with it! I bet you don't have a reason as good as mine????

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Trevor Noah ~ It's my culture!

I am so excited that last night I was able to attend the Trevor Noah show.

You see, it is highly unlikely that you haven't heard of Trevor if you're in the States and I know if you're in South Africa you know him - WELL!

For those that don't know Trevor, he is probably the most popular comedian in South Africa and one the funniest people I know.

Here is a clip of him on the David Letterman Show

The show was hilarious, like, laugh until your cheeks ache funny. I am convicned once again that my mother was the loudest laugher in the room and not because she is the loudest person but because she enjoys Trevor more than anyone else.

This show was different to the Daywalker, Crazy Normal and That's Racist! I found that this show had a lot more sexual connatation jokes. Now don't get me wrong I am in no way offended by them I just found it interesting how his jokes are changing. Then again it occured to me that Trevor is (almost) 30 (like my brother - they were buddies in Primary School) so his dynamic will change.

My favourite part of the show is where Trevor spoke about Julius Malema. Now I won't give you any details because I hope you et to watch his show but I found that at times during his Juju jokes I almost couldn't breathe through the laughter...

Here's a little skit of him, hope you enjoy it ....

Now tell me, have you been to the show? Did you like it? Which comedians do you like and WHY?

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

You Gotta Love Some SUITS GIFs

Suits is funny, smart, witty and full of some wonderful eye candy! Mike Ross is sweet but naughty and Harvey is well... Harvey!
Would you be able to resist this face?
The complex dynamic of Harvey and Mike.

Donna - is well - Donna!
Low blow Harvey ;)

How long did we wait for this scene???

And Louis Litt, the wannabe Harvey.
What's your favourite thing about Suits? Who's your favourite character?

Monday, 14 October 2013

Music Monday : I'm Yours

Initially I was planning this post to be about the music festival I went to on Saturday evening but when I started on Youtube this song kept coming up and you know how I believe in signs so I figured why not highlight the many different version of Jason Mraz's song "I'm Yours"

Here is Lloyd Cele's version of it. For my non-South African readers, Lloyd was runner up in our Idols Competition.
This lady, Alyssa Bernal ... her voice is really nice. I had not heard of her before today but she's got a nice tone to her voice...
One of the Directioners, Niall Horan before One Direction
And another Directioner, Mr Liam Payne
Which is your favourite version? Do you even like this song?

Have a great week all!!!

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Travelling Music

I mentioned in my first travel post that I was going to include songs from parts of my trip but along the way I either forgot (sorry!) or couldn't think of one at the time.

So here are a list of songs which will remind me of moments in my trip

I heard this song in every single country and city I visited!
This is from O'Neill's on my last night in Dublin
While this is a sad song, hearing it in an Irish pub where the entire crowd is singing along gave it a whole new level of meaning. If I can figure out how to upload the video I will!
I didn't know this song before my night in Dublin and to be honest, the fact that I couldn;t sing along really bugged me! When I came back it was the first song I downloaded
I'm always amazed at the way in which music makes me feel and how it can evoke extraordinary feelings in a way that is unexplainable or how just hearing a song can link you to another person for life.
Do you agree with this quote???

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Travel Post : Ireland ~ the final edition of EuroTrip 2013

I have been intentionally dragging on doing this post because this post, the last installment of this trip means it is officially over!

If you have been reading my posts you will know that I LOVE Ireland! On my previous trip, my friend, Alicia and I only went to Dublin and we did all the touristy things there and I left Dublin with a heavy heart. For the past 2 and a half years I have been holding a candle to it so it was obviously risky going back, I mean the way I looked at there would one of two scenarios:

1. I would be completely dissaappointed by it. I would think I was caught in the romance of my first trip and that the people and the place actually wasn't that great.
2. I would love it as much as I thought I did the first time round and would hate leaving it.

Well there is a third option which I hadn't anticipated, it would exceed my expectations by far and I would fall more in love with the place and the people. This is what actually happened.

When I got off the plane from Belgium, I was almost overwhelmed to be surrounded by such nice people, people who spoke English!!

On this trip I decided to go to Galway for a night so I could see the Cliffs of Moher however when I arrived the last tour bus for the day had left so I had the afternoon to relax in Galway.. this is when I met Aimee and Keeley, they were staying in the same Hostel as me. By the way this hostel was awesome :)

I sort of forced my way into lunch with my two new American friends and once we sat down we actually got along really well! Keeley had been to Galway before and loved it and she love's traditional Irish music which as you know.. I do :)

We decided we were going out that night and to say it wa EPIC would be an understatement.

The next day we were off to the Cliffs of Moher which were breath-taking to say the least. The entire tour was unbelievable...

Saturday night we went back to Dublin for another night out. While not as epic as Galway it was loads of fun!

Sunday I got to catch up with two friends I had made on my previous trip (Thank you Facebook!). If I am honest, I was scared that it was going to be strained or awkward but it was so easy and time just went way too quickly. They gave me an unorthodox one of a kind tour showing me things you would only know after living in a city and I loved it!

That evening I didn't have anyone to go with me to listen to some traditional Irish music so I decided, " Who Cares?! I'll go alone!" It was truly one of the most scary and liberating things to do. I went to O'Neill's in Suffolk Street.

The next day I spent the day just taking in Dublin City because I had previously been to Dublin I didn't have any tourist things to do I just got to enjoy the culture.

I saw this sign while walking around Dublin City
In the evening I managed to get all but one of the ladies from my room (Room 17) to go back to O'Neill's that evening and it was so much fun.

Ireland was once again incredibly kind to me and I am definitely going back - sooner rather than later! I think it's wonderful to feel at home in a place which is clearly not your home. The Irish are so warm and made me feel very welcome, once again.

Have you been to anywhere in Ireland?