Monday, 14 October 2013

Music Monday : I'm Yours

Initially I was planning this post to be about the music festival I went to on Saturday evening but when I started on Youtube this song kept coming up and you know how I believe in signs so I figured why not highlight the many different version of Jason Mraz's song "I'm Yours"

Here is Lloyd Cele's version of it. For my non-South African readers, Lloyd was runner up in our Idols Competition.
This lady, Alyssa Bernal ... her voice is really nice. I had not heard of her before today but she's got a nice tone to her voice...
One of the Directioners, Niall Horan before One Direction
And another Directioner, Mr Liam Payne
Which is your favourite version? Do you even like this song?

Have a great week all!!!

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Diva Desle said...

Lloyd Cele is just too awesome. Love his voice.