Friday, 4 October 2013

Football Friday :Miguel Ángel Britos Cabrera

After the whole Blogtember challenge, I must be honest I am feeling really tired and I have been so busy in my day to day life that I haven't been able to blog much.

Today will be quick, I am not sure if I should continue with Football Friday or if I should switch to another day reserved for some good old eye candy. So tell me what you think I should do?

Today is all about an Uruguayan footballer who plays for Napoli FC, which means he lives in Italy (lucky him).   I actually became aware of him from a picture that Pepe Reina posted on his facebook page.

Therefore I cannot tell you much about his ability but I will be sure to watch the next Napoli game and see if he looks better on TV or in pictures!


In the News:
1. Aresenal appears to be doing well this season, then again, they always start off well but I am unconvinced that they will be able to keep up at this level unless Ozil really is something magical...?
2. It appears that despite the rumours, Qatar will still host the 2018 World Cup.
3. Man United are playing badly and everyone is playing the blame game.
Liverpool FC have released their new team photo

Don't you think he looks similar to Nacer Chali?

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