Monday, 21 October 2013

One Tree Hill - Music Monday

If I haven't mentioned this before (because it's possibly in one of my drafts) I love One Tree Hill. I was/am absolutely obsessed with Leyton (Lucas and Peyton). I actually think it was the introduction of the Peyton in my high school career that helped shaped my personality.

Lucas said in Season 6, it is important that the director understands that "Peyton's whole mood can change with a song" and the truth is, this is exactly me. It's funny how much music has shaped me.

Here is a quote in which she explains the difference between lyric people and music people: -
I am a lyric person, what are you???

Peyton's character introduced me to many different types of music for example:


And most importantly,

I miss this show, it's simple and clear that I loved the new music genres that it opened me up too and now I find that a lot of shows I watch will become my favourite shows after I know the soundtracks are good.

Are there any shows which you like even more after you hear some of their songs? I'd love to hear your recommendations?

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