Thursday, 20 June 2013

Home remedy to thicken your hair

Hi Everyone,

I was thinking about posting about one of those very sensitive topics which all ladies can relate to - our hair and when I was reading Meghan Silva's blog , I knew I had to share this!

When I was younger I had the most amazingly thick long hair (picture below) but then somewhere along the line (and a few dietary mistakes) my hair started thinning.

I was so upset about it because everyone always spoke about my hair and touched it when I was near and now it was ruined. I even went so far as to cut it short ( also pictured below) in order for it to appear thicker - that didn't really work and I hated my hair short.

So I started using Horse Shampoo at first which I purchased at a pet store (but now Dischem also stocks it) but since then I buy a number of products to add to it, namely:

1. Bergamotessens

2. Placenta

3. Bay Rum

4. Normal Shampoo

So you mix about 2/3s of horse shampoo, one placenta vile and about 1/4 of the Bay rum bottle and then fill the rest with your other shampoo and shake it all together.

You can apply this to your hair, ideally you should leave it in your hair for a few minutes but I don't really get the chance to wet my hair before I shower to then leave it in for longer so instead I only put the mixture on my roots and then condition the bottom.

This mixture will make your hair feel hard when it is wet but once you've dried it, it will be soft! My hair is not as thick as it was before but it is definitely improving!

Let me know what you think? Do you have any remedies you would like to share?

PS: I have just reached my first blog milestone with 500 pageviews so THANK YOU for taking time to read about my random thoughts


meghan silva said...

Thank you for the link to my blog , I have to try this , I haven't tried any of the above . Very interesting .

Meghan Silva's Blog

Nats ~Coral Tinted Perceptions said...

You're welcome :) Thanks for popping by!

Unknown said...

Interesting, thanks for sharing this home remedy! I've tried a placenta treatment before, it doesn't sound very nice but it makes your hair so soft...
By the way thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment the other day :)

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Unknown said...

I’ll try it

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