Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Catching up with an old friend

Yesterday I went for coffee/frozen yoghurt with my friend, Sumeshnee. 
Sumie and I hadn't seen each other about a year and a half.

For some friends that's not too bad, but we were the type of friends who made every effort to see each other as much as possible but as we grew older and our lives took different directions so to say and it just seemed like we didn't have "time" to see one another.

Anyway, what's in the past is there and we met at The Zone and we had some chips and Rocco sauce while we started out chat and I tried the a fruit shake which is delicious! 

We then made our way to wakaberry (which was empty for once!) and Sumie made me look like a glut ... See below - tip her's is the one with little to no toppings! Lol

All in all, it was a really good afternoon to sit and chat to someone who just gets you with no expectation (at least I hope so) but for you to be you!

Here's some picks from my afternoon/evening..

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