Thursday, 27 June 2013

Right Now

I saw this post and loved the idea of sharing exactly what is happening "right now".
Feel free to tell me your "right now" situations!

What I am doing
I just baked Choc Chip Cookies for the first time and they are gooey and soft inside but crispy on the outside

If you remember my previous post on Sing you Home you will remember that I also said I wanted something light hearted. Well, walk into your closest Exclusive Books and tell them that and you know what they reccommend? The Alchemist! So That's what I'm reading at the moment. It's not light hearted by any means and is completely opposite to what I wanted to read but on the upside I am finally reading a book I've heard so much about. I'll be posting my review soon.

I've been going to the movies a lot, but the movies haven't been great and I didn't want to review them just to give them average reviews but I will tell you I have recently watched "After Earth", "The Hangover Part 3"and "Spud 2". Spud 2, was the best of the 3 and while you can easily watch all of them, none will change your life and none of them are likely to leave a lasting impression.
On the TV front, I am watching the usual Greys Anatomy, Masterchef, Girls and the Bachelorette. Although a new show I am watching is Political Animals and I am quite enjoying it. Have you watched it?

Listening to
I haven't been listening to much new stuff but I am loving the new Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines, Daft Punk's Get Lucky and some of my favourites One Direction's Take Me Home and The Script.
I love that RnB appears to making a comeback and I am really hoping I get an album soon that I can listen to, to death. I usally buy an album and then play it all day, everyday and then switch but for a while now, I've been in limbo. Do you have any suggestions for some good albums?

Thinking about
So many things.. mainly I'm thinking of Nelson Madela, his health, his family, his contribution to the world and what exactly is mine? I'm thinking where will I be in 5 years time? Will the exchange rate be so ridiculous that I have to alter some of my future plans? Like I said, I'm thinking about a lot of things. I'm always thinking. I am guilty of overthinking.

Sad about
Nelson Mandela and some family members who are not well. That I am not getting enough sleep! That there is a fear of the aftermath of Madiba's passing and that I'm not entirely convinced that there is no basis whatsoever for the fear. That One Direction have not announced that they are coming to South Africa, yet (Seriously guys, come here!!!) and that I am so caught up in my thoughts that I may ir may not be reaching my full potential.

That I get to layer clothes in winter. That despite all the drama, I am proud to be South African. That Fernando Torres is scoring anf hopefully he will continue with that tonight in the semi-final of the Confederations Cup against Italy, that Steven Gerrard said that he is feeling better (Hate it when he is injured) and I am loving this.. blogging - it truly is the sunshine at the end of my days.

What is happening with you, RIGHT NOW? Tell me about it?

Also I have included my favourite song of the moment (and current ringtone) , in case you've been under a rock and haven't heard it: -


Kierra Makayla said...

Love the Robin Thicke song!
Love, Kierra Makayla

Fash Boulevard said...

Obsessed with Robin Thicke's latest. It's on replay. lol. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my photo diary from Venice. xo