Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Golden Globes 2015 (basically bowing down to Kate Hudson)

The Golden Globes usually has something that makes the red carpet interesting, this year it was all very safe and very white and red. 

I'm not going to waste your time, or mine, by recapping the same pictures you've probably already seen all over twitter and instagram. What I will do is share my favourite look : the lovely Kate Hudson!

I love that she kept her hair, make up and jewels minimal so her dress could do all the talking.

I loved this moment captured on E's live from the Red Carpet

There were other looks I liked like Emma Stone and Kate Beckingsale both ladies look beautiful but again, very safe.

My worst dressed goes to the usually regal Keira Knightley.. 

What are your thoughts on the Golden Globes fashion?


Kay R. said...

Kate looked really good and so did Reese. Love it!

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Kate keeps the best body! Loved Emma Stone!

meghan silva said...

Have to agree with all your choices. Kate H is always gorgeous cant even deal!!

Meg | Meghan Silva's Blog