Sunday, 6 July 2014

I'll never.... {Link Up}

Well it feels like I haven't been here in ages although I know it hasn't been too long since I've spent some quality time with all of you. 

Firstly, I didn't post on Friday but I did tweet to wish all my american followers and friends a Happy 4th of July so I still got mad love for all of you!

Secondly, with the cold finally hitting Cape Town.. what will make my time more pleasant than rambling sharing my thoughts with you..

You know they always say never say never, I mean even Brandy had a song about it...

let's get into it, I'll NEVER..

* get a tattoo, while I know people love their tattoos, I cannot handle pain. I am the biggest baby in the world so I cannot imagine putting myself through pain deliberately. Also, even if I could handle pain, I wouldn't want to because I don't like the idea of marking my body but that's a whole other blog post. 

If I would get a tattoo, I would get something I really believe in and love. So it should be no surprise that I would choose a YNWA tattoo. Then again... this will never ever happen!

* Get anymore piercings. I only have my ears pierced but as per the above confession, I don't do well with pain. I don't care if it's momentary pain but I just can't handle it.

* Be a pregnant teenager, I'm well into my Twenties so at least I accomplished surviving that statistic. 

* Be a reality star. Unless I marry some rich, fame hunger man who wants someone following us around this ain't going to happen. I laugh admire people that manage to put their lives out into the world. Thanks but no thanks. 

* Join Team Angelina. I don't care if Jen marries and has a 100 kids with a 100 different men, I loved Jen and Brad and I'll never get over it and I'll never forget...

* get tired of watching Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman or Magic Mike. 

* Eat cockroaches. I always watch The Bachelor and these guys test the girls' limits by whether they are willing to eat gross things. Let's face it, I could love you to the moon and back, but it is never happening! I don't care about any country's delicacies because I'm just not adventurous like that.

I'm not sure what else I can definitely never do but I'm sure I'll get loads more ideas from the other ladies linking up.. so check them out!


Have an awesome Sunday!


Allie said...

Dirty Dancing is one of my favorites! And, yeah, I could never get tired of it!

Chelsea said...

Deeefinitely agree with you on all of these! I'm a one-ear-piercing only girl, and tattoos are totally out of the question! As for Brangelina... Just, no.

Victoria said...

I'm with you on not getting a tattoo. Loved reading this.

Kay R. said...

Ugh I wont eat cockraosches either... for any reason and certainly not for a reality show. Im laughing at the Angelina Jolie thing though. I agree I still to this day love the brad and jenn years though Jolie does get some points for being seemingly respectful after the split unlike other celebs.

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Nat your list is my list! HaHa! Definitely no tats and no cocky roaches. Lmfaooo Great post!

Lauren said...

They eat bugs on the Bachelor? EWWWW. I totally agree about tattoos - I am way too indecisive and too much of a wuss for that business!

Just Miss C said...

Bugs no thank you. I would only eat them if I was seriously starving. like dying starving stranded on a dessert island. I've thought about getting a tattoo and more piercings but I am with you. I am such a big baby when it comes to pain.