Monday, 17 November 2014

My Other Ex { Book Review }

I'm a girl who has had A LOT of friends come and go in my life sometimes with an event which escalates into the break up and sometimes... there's no warning signs. This book helped me feel as if I wasn't the only one who has had these experiences. I know I have been completely blessed to have had such an incredible amount of friends in my life and again, this collection of other woman's stories' reminded me that it's perfectly okay to feel as if when I lose a friend I've lost a love. Not all breakups are due to a lack of romance. 

I must be honest I would have never read this book if I hadn't read Kate's review and turns out she was spot on! I loved this book so much. While reading this book I was/am also reading two others and this one kept pulling me in especially because the chapters are so quick to read so I could fit in a chapter quickly while waiting at the petrol station or waiting for a friend before our coffee date. 

Okay, so the Goodreads description of this book is:

Have you ever lost a friend? Was that loss in some ways more painful than the end of a love affair?
Women’s friendships so often come to a crossroads at which time two women can try to hold on to the friendship, staying connected, or the friends can take two completely separate paths without each other.
Many of the essays in this book are about this moment in time, when both rupture and new beginnings are possible.
There are so many ways that friendships can end, and this book describes 35 of them, from talented and accomplished contributors. At the heart of each essay is the recognition from each writer that she has lost something very real and very personal, a connection that will never be forgotten.

I've picked a few moments or quotes from the book that truly resonated with me and I thought I'd share them with you.

" Women are frustratingly and magnificently wired for intimacy" - Nicole Knepper
My View: This is so relevant in my life because I crave the intimacy of a friendship which is probably the reason why when I'm friends with you, I'm all in"

"She hasn't died, but my best friend is gone." - Cheryl Suchors

My View: I've had this feeling and while your best friend still lives, the emptiness felt of her lost presence feels like death, sometimes wore than death because she's alive and well.. just living without you. 

" The number one reason people leave a relationship is called diminished returns: you don't get back what you put it." - Alexandra Rosas

My View: I would be guilty of this reason for a break up. I think like that this author noted that it's people who feel this way and not just women. 

Below is my Goodreads rating:

My Other Ex: Women's True Stories of Losing and Leaving FriendsMy Other Ex: Women's True Stories of Losing and Leaving Friends by Jessica Smock
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I never read short stories but after reading a blog review of this book I was definitely interested and I was not disappointed.

This nook has many short stories of different female friendships developing and ending and sometimes reconciling. Some of the stories truly touched my heart and helped me understand some of my own friendships which ended hastily or without a "show down". I think this is a book every woman should read to help them understand their past and possible future friendships.

Love Love Love!

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I truly believe that friendships are " platonic love affairs..." that's the reason it hurts so damn much when it end but even more so I agree with this " friendship is a verb" . I honestly wish every woman would read this book. It helped me understand my lost loves...

Have you ever lost a friendship without knowing what was the cause?

PS: Have a great week!


A Very Sweet Blog said...

This was really good Nat. I don't have really good male or female friendships. LOL Maybe that's a reflection of me or it could be them!

Kay R. said...

" The number one reason people leave a relationship is called diminished returns: you don't get back what you put it." - Truth!! Im gonna add this to my list :)