Friday, 7 November 2014

Getting To Know Victoria from SMB {Guest Post}

Happy Friday everyone! I'm not going to be here long today because I'm handing over to Victoria from Social Media Blooms so without further adieu... 

Hi Coral Tinted Perception lovers, I'm Victoria from Social Media Blooms. Earlier in the year I profiled Natalie on my blog, did you catch that post so she allowed me to showcase on her blog. { #Bloglove - ok this is Natalie adding the hashtag!} 

I thought I could share a questionnaire with you so you could get to know me better:

1. Who in your every day life knows about your blog?

My sisters, mom and fiance. In fact my youngest sis and a close friend started blogging recently, I would like to think that I've inspired them to do so. 

2. How long have you been blogging? 

Wow, good question. Can you believe it, almost 3 years. I had a pen and paper diary all my life, so I'm not really surprised that I started a blog. 

3. What would be your best advice to newbie bloggers?

Find your own voice and stay true to what you love + like. Please don't compare and despair, rather focus on your own strengths and go from there. Sooner or later you will find + connect with your tribe, amazing, like-minded individuals like you!

4. What social media platform do you like most?

Definitely Instagram. I love the vibrant images of food,  decor and nature. 

5. What's your favourite beauty product?

The Body Shop, Honeymania Body-butter, I'm slightly addicted to the smell. I also love early morning showers with the Whoosh Shower-jelly from Lush. 

6. Team Aniston or Jolie.

I recently joined team Aniston. I really love Jennifer's simplistic style and zen vibe. 

7. Favourite band?

The Beegees. There's a certain flow to their music. 

8. If you could live in any era which would it be?

The seventies, maybe because I'm a bit of a carefree hippie myself.

9. How important is fashion in your life?

I love dressing up a lot, it makes me feel confidence and pretty. While I'm grooming myself in the morning, I'm also mentally preparing myself for the rest of the day. Someone’s first impression of you is your visual presentation, it's kinda sad but that's just human nature. I'm currently loving the colourful tribal/boho fashion trends. 

10. What's your biggest goal for 2015?

To live simply and to not worry about the small stuff that much.

Well everyone, I hope you enjoyed my blog visitor today! Go follow her on , Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest and have an awesome weekend! 


Vanessa said...

Wonderful post, dear. ;-)
Have a nice weekend...

Victoria said...

Thank you for the feature Natalie. :)

A Very Sweet Blog said...

The Bee Gees had some really good songs! One hit after another. I'm team Jen also! I like her style and personality!