Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Red Door Cafe - Review

Hello Blogland! How's everything going on your side of the world? Today I'm sharing a little gem I found in Johannesburg, actually, I didn't find it one of my friends did and it's not really in the central area of Johannesburg but more so in Edenvale. 

My friend lives a paleo lifestyle so eating out at times can be a challenge when I suggested that we meet near the airport he found this lovely quaint place. 

The Red Door Cafe has both paleo and non paleo friendly dishes but all the dishes are ridiculously delicious. We had a bullet proof coffee. That was my first one and I'll definitely be having a second one soon... They even have great healthy dessert options available. We sat outside but took a peak inside and this place has so much character - I just adore it!

The only thing I will give you a heads up on is that they charge you for hot water and lemon which is unusual but hey, the taste is worth the R2.50! 

Are you following any diet regime? Or do you just like quaint places like I do?


Kay R. said...

Looks like a really cool spot!

Diva Desle said...

Love the vintage feel this place has. The food looks really good too ;-)

A Very Sweet Blog said...

It's a charming place! Glad you guys enjoyed.