Thursday, 19 December 2013

13 Things i learnt in 2013

It's the first installment of 13 of 2013 series and I am super duper excited! I feel somewhat bitter sweet about this year. I have had so many incredible things happen to me this year but at the same time I have had some of the hardest situations to handle.

I'm glad that there are officially 13 days of the year left and while 2014 holds it's own challenges, joys and sorrows - now is the time to reflect of 2013.

First up, are the lessons I walk away with. While some are obvious and some may seem redundant to previous years - each of these took on new meanings to me.
1. It's ok to be lonely but I'm never alone, while it appears not everyone agrees - I think it's important to know what kind of person you are when you are lonely and then be ok with that person
2. I have the ability to light up a room as much as I have the power to dampen it, apparently people feed off my energy!
3. I am more fearless then I would I ever give myself credit for.
4. God has truly blessed me with the virtue of patience this year. Things at work or situations in which I have found myself has shocked me that I haven't reacted badly because this is how I really felt...
5. I will not apologise for not blogging because my daily life is busy - after all it is my life.
6. Some people will bully you - even as a grown up
7. Some parents shouldn't be parents because they have no idea what it means to educate a child.
8. Holding onto Serenity in the midst of chaos is an art form but once you've mastered it, there is nothing as wonderful as it.
9.It is entirely possible that the people you interact with on blogs can become your friends, they get to see a side of you that some people in your "real" life never do.
10. A lot of people outside of South Africa are shocked to hear that I am from South Africa.
11. Modern technology can maintain and develop frienships
Remember Juls and Oli who I studied with in 2009 and finally visited them in Germany

Jamie and Brian who I met during a random night out in Dublin in 2010 - we got to go for lunch almost three years later
12. Keeping with Number 11, if someone wants to be a part of your life - they will if they aren't it is because they don't want it enough.
13. Sometimes fortunate accidents (serendipity) occurs but sometimes, you shouldn't look into a deeper meaning when all it is, is God showing you the possibility of what could come.
What are some the lessons you learnt this year?

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