Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Book Review : Never Google Heartbreak by Emma Garcia

A few weeks ago  I shared an extract with you from the book I was reading, Never Google Heartbreak. After I tweeted about my post I got a response from the author which completely made my day! By the way, thank you Emma!!! This is my book from September - I have no idea why it has taken so long to get it out here.


I don't want to go into the details of the book because I think every girl, especially a single girl, should read it.

The thing is the main character, Viv Summers, is so relatable, whether you are like her or one of your girlfriends are like her. She says things which you may have said in a break up or even worse, she does things in which you have seen or experienced.

Don't get me wrong, Viv is endearing and you do find yourself rooting for her but you also find yourself hating her choices (and at times her lack of making a choice).

While this is definitely a fictional novel, the characters are all people I could identify in my life.  

Rob, the man who inflicts the heartbreak on Viv is an asshole. At no point in this read will you side with him and when Viv finally starts to see him for who he is you will be cheering her on.

The only character I wasn't convinced about is Max, the best friend with potential to be so much more. I don't think men are as open as that - even the cute artistic Irish ones!

I really enjoyed this book and although it got a bit long I was not left dissappointed at the end.

So this Summer while you're at the beach, this will be the perfect chicklit to accompany you! Emma, takes the usual formula of a Chick Lit but adds in some refreshing sides.

Do you like ChickLit? If so, what books could you reccommend? I'd love to get some suggestions!


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