Friday, 27 December 2013

13 News Stories of 2013

So I missed 2 days of the series, I suck, I know BUT I promise to keep up with the rest of them. 

Since my last post, I am now in Cape Town, it has taken me days to finally catch up from my sleep deprivation but I'm on the mend.

So here it is - 13 stories which peaked my interest this year, whether it was celebrity fluff or hard hitting world news - this is what kept me coming back to News24 to see what's happening.

1. This kid hitting his teacher in school. This Grade 8 pupil felt like he had the right to hit his teacher and then a fellow student encouraged him and video taped it. 

2. The first Pope retirement and the new first South American Pope, Pope Francis

3. The birth of Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge . 

4. I hate to admit this but North West's naming more than her birth. 

5. The murder of high school child - with homemade weapons. 

6. Miley's Twerking

7. Oscar Pistorius killing Reeva Steenkamp 

8. Khloe Kardashian Odom  finally leaves Lamar

9. Paul Walker's horrid death.(This is still unbelievable) 

10.Cory Monteith's death

11. Justin Bieber in South Africa

12. Fifty Shades Cast announced. I am still disappointed with Mr Grey but whatevs....

13. Nelson Mandela's death

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