Saturday, 21 December 2013

13 Movies/Series of 2013

If you spend some time around here, you would know I LOVE my TV shows or movies so I thought I'd share some of my favourite shows or movies from this year (in no particular order). Please feel free to share yours with me?

1. Pretty Little Liars
While I love PLL and it seems that many other bloggers enjoy it, I'm yet to meet any of my fellow South Africans who are watching this show. Nevertheless, I have become more and more engrossed in this show. I love that there are continuous twists and turns and I still haven't figured it out.

2. The Vampire Diaries
Season four ended and I was jumping around for joy! I can't wait to see what develops and I love Ian Somerhalder so much more...

3. The Great Gatsby
Leo Dicaprio made this movie for me - my favourite scene is still the moment Gatsby sees Daisy and I think it's that moment that that ensure this movie makes this list.

4. The Life of Pi
This was a movie which, months later, I still haven't completely figured out. This is also the movie I watched on my birthday so I'll definitely remember it.

5. Fast and the Furious 6

I wish this movie was in 3D - I loved it and I am so sad that Paul Walker passed away because the series will not be the same without him.

6. Revenge
Who doesn't love Revenge? This show is smart and ruthless and yet I still find myself supporting Emily!!! 

7. Betrayal

Love this show but I can't explain why! 

8. Catching Fire 
I made it no secret that I loved this movie. The entire series is completely different to my usual book types but after the first movie I wasn't sure I could enjoy the movie adaptations of the book but the truth is I really enjoyed this movie and I'm excited for next year's installment. 

9. Masterchef Australia

While I watched Masterchef South Africa, I definitely have enjoyed the Australian version more. I think it's because there are so many more episodes and you get to really know the contestants. 
I also love the idea of people taking a leap of faith into something they feel passionate about and leaving their jobs or families to see if their passion is something true. It inspires me.

10. Greys Anatomy 

SPOLIER ALERT - I know there are some people who are still catching up on Greys but Lexie's death was so sad - I watched it again the other day and I was sobbing all over again. While the dynamics of the characters have changed, it's definitely still a favourite for me.

11. Temptations : Confessions of a Marriage Councillor

I did a whole post on this movie - a good movie. 

12. Suits

While I know this is not what being a lawyer is like, it's still great entertainment.

13. The Bachelor / Bachelorette

I am a hopeless romantic and I've enjoyed the choices so far although some couples are not together anymore, watching them fall in love was still fun. Plus, some of them are together and that's amazing

Sadly there are shows or movies which didn't make the list most noticeably Newsroom and the Good Wife!

Did I leave your favourite off my list?

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