Monday, 9 December 2013

Movie Review : Catching Fire

Yesterday I went to watch "Catching Fire" and I must be honest I was not disappointed at all.

I read the trilogy last year but the movie was quite an accurate depiction of the book. The first movie, The Hunger Games was a bit tame compared to the book and I was somewhat bored however with this movies, I just couldn't get enough. I loved watching Katniss and Peeta's relationship grow. Also both Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson looked realllllly good in this movie.

Catching Fire gets a big thumbs UP from me!

And being that it is Monday, here is a song  from the movie's soundtrack. It's a bit different to my usual taste but still a very interesting track.

What did you think of it??

Have a great week! If you're in South Africa, you'll know that this week we are still mourning the loss of Madiba. Remember what he taught us.... make your life be the difference in someone else's!


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