Sunday, 29 December 2013

13 of My Favourite Blog Posts of 2013

I actually didn't decide whether it would be 13 of my favourite posts or 13 of my favourite posts which I read. So I thought I would go with the latter because I think it's good for you (whoever you are) to meet other bloggers, but to see the posts that really resonate with me!

1. This Post from Kisses and Croissants but Patricia has since stopped blogging or limited her readership. It was one the quote at the end of her post that really stuck with me - literally - I wrote it down on a post it and stuck it at my desk... reminding me of the power I have over my own life.

2. Chelsea at Life is a Sunset - WARNING there may be a few of her posts.. I really feel so in tune with his questions and comments about life. This post was Answering Tough Questions

3. Being that I only started blogging for the last couple of months, xxx Blog tips for the New Bloggers were extremely helpful.

4. This list which Meghan from Meghan Silva's Lifestyle blog about 28 things are so true!

5. Another one from Meghan - an easy recipe (which I am yet to try!) on making Plaited Bread in 5 Easy Steps

6. Victoria at Victoriafolksky posted about something more personal in her Do Not Fear post. Although I am happy to say that things with Victoria have gotten much better and super excited for her!!

7. Danielle at Sometimes Sweet posted about friendships changing in On Friendship and I identified with her a lot. 

8. Jenni at Sotry of My Life posted about What Does Success Mean To You? Which is another post which acted as a catalyst for my choices this year. 

9. Considering that I am planning on visiting New York very soon - Cath from Cath In The City's posts on New York Tips were great.

10. Passion by Candice from Teatime Thoughts was another post that resonated with me.

11. I know one day I am going to be planning a trip around the world, this post on How To Plan A Round The World Trip by Jenna from A Home Away From Home is going to come in handy.

12. Chelsea's advice for the Single Girls - LOVE. 

13. Kate from Another Clean Slate's post on how to see Ireland in Two Days and a Few Hours - while I have seen Ireland for a lot longer it still made me happy to see how much she enjoyed it! 

There are so many more posts which I wanted to include but I hope you like this list... 2013 is nearly over - I hope you've given yourself some time to digest what that means.. and what exactly do you want 2014 to hold for you?

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