Monday, 30 December 2013

13 Hopes for 2014

This is an interesting one because I initially thought I could easily think of 13 things I wanted for myself but it was (no, is) difficult. So I thought, why be selfish and only hope for things which would directly affect me.... anyway... here we go.

1. That I can travel again, hopefully to the States so I can see some of my friends as we are long overdue for a reunion!

2. Cross 14 items of my bucket list. Speaking of which, I am going to put that up soon and by soon, I mean sometime earlier next year .. 

3. Improve my readership or more specifically my subscriptions to my blog.

4. To have a blog design which is more in line with my personality. While I like my current design, it could do with some changes. 

5. For Liverpool FC to win the Barclays Premiere League. While I know a whole lot of Manchester or any other team's fans are saying "No Way" but despite Liverpool's last two games in which the referees have robbed Liverpool of goals or penalties, I still believe we are in with a chance. 

6. Learn to budget and then stick to it.

7. Move into or build a career path for myself. I am an attorney but I am not just an attorney and I need to figure that all out. 

8. That Kim Kardashian's love life or child's christening is not the main focus of celebrity news. Because although I do like her, she is cray cray and frankly I think they have milked the limelight for long enough.

9. That Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux get married because I would hate for Brad Pitt and that skank, Angelina Jolie think they have the upper hand. Jen can say whatever she wants about moving on. No one ever wants to see their ex be happier than them.

10. That the petrol price decrease (Highly unlikely)

11. That E-Tolls get taken down (although this is more unlikely than Number 10.)

12. One Direction comes to South Africa! (Yes I just included that in my list)

13. World Peace, is that too much to ask for????

So.... what are your hopes for 2014???

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