Tuesday, 1 April 2014

A is for Ambition (A to Z Challenge)

Welcome to the beginning of my A to Z challenge. This month I will blog everyday, each post will titled after the letter of the Alphabet. like today 1 April = A but no posts on Sundays. I decided against theming this month's posts because I think it will be easier for me to still hold onto my "creative freedom" (hahaha)

"Ambition - A strong desire to do or achieve something "

Moving on swiftly, I used to work with someone who was supposed to be mentoring me and in the midst of one of our "mentoring" sessions this person said that I expect too much and that I have too much ambition and then added, very kindly *note sarcasm*  ambitions with an ulterior motives. Needless to say I stopped viewing this person as my mentor and I started cutting their opinion out. I did explain to the person that to be 26 years old, admitted as an attorney and recipient of of a Bachelor and Master of Laws required me to be ambitious, Success is only one of the many things which drive me to be better.

Perhaps I was a bit too quick to make the decision to stop the mentoring but in light of our relationship I decided that in order to preserve our work relationship that I would sever the mentoring side of it because this person was clearly allowing their position in the company to cloud what to mentor me in.

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I digress, what I really want to know is, what is too much ambition?

I've noticed in recent years that the idea of people being ambitious or having a 'Go Get 'em attitude' has been frowned upon which is probably because there a fewer people out there who are willing to firstly admit to their ambitions and then to actually act on them. That's intimidating. At times overwhelming and frankly the Majority always fear the Minority with a voice, and those with Ambition definitely have a voice.

I don't think you can be overly ambitious but you can be self- obsessed with your ambition but even if you take away the ambition, you're still left with self- obsession. It's not fair for adults to teach anyone to tame their ambition because I believe that being ambitious, is strength, it means you have more willpower and who knows what you can achieve with the right willpower?

What is your opinion regarding ambition?

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