Tuesday, 8 April 2014

G is for Glee (A to Z Challenge)

Glee -  Great delight, especially from one's own good fortune or another's misfortune

I was watching the episode of Glee the other day "100" where they did a lot of the old favourites done differently. I really enjoyed the episode, which is the first one in this entire season I enjoyed. I think they should have just ended the show with the Glee Club winning Nationals. The delay of ending the show lead to recreating the same characters and milking the current fan favourites dry.

Either way, I'm not planning to complain in this post but rather enjoy some benefits of the show, it really did make a huge difference in a lot of people's lives to feel included or heard and frankly, I'm all for that.


" Defying Gravity"

"Don't Stop Believin" 

I'll never be able to hear any version of "Don't Stop Belivein' " and not think of Glee, classic Glee. 

Do you watch Glee? Do you think they should have continued with this Season or should they have stopped while they were on top of their game?

PS: Hope these songs add to you having a wonderful Tuesday!!!

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