Wednesday, 2 April 2014

C is for Clueless (A to Z Challenge)

Being the 80s kid I am growing up in the 90s I cannot explain how much the movie Clueless meant to me. While I knew I couldn't be the next Cher, I sure as hell wanted to try! Here's some of my life lessons as learnt by watching the 90s classic!

Clueless - Having no knowledge, understanding or ability

~ When I'm annoyed in a conversation and I don't agree, react like this

~ This is a totally acceptable way to end the argument

~ I didn't want to run the risk of my "baking" burning like Cher's did so I actually learnt how to bake

~ You should have all types of friends 

~ It is completely ok for me to feel like this 

~ My closet is no where close to being big enough....

~ Makeovers are awesome 

Today's post was quick and fun, hope it lightened your mood. Have you watched Clueless? What's your favourite part? If not, go do it and then tell me because it's so much fun!

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