Saturday, 19 April 2014

Q is for Quarter Life Crisis (A to Z Challenge)

When I first thought about the fact that I was in my mid twenties, feeling overly anxious about where I was and not sure about where I'm going - essentially living through the motions just to exist because from a far, my life looked like it was on track. It was relatively normal and I hated it. That's when I started thinking I'm too young to be having a midlife crisis although the symptoms were there and then wonderful, dependable Google (aka Uncle Google) had the answers. I was not alone in this feeling of unrest or fear of mediocrity - was I doing enough with my life? This had a term - Quarter Life Crisis. 

I form part of a generation whereby your success is broadcast on Facebook, your intellectual thoughts are sent through sporadic 140 character tweets and your fabulous, life 'within' your means photos are showing on Instagram and if I'm not meeting the requirements of a substantially happy life - I would know because it does not compare to the thousands of people I communicate with in social media. Now I know what you'd like to say, "Each person has their own journey" or something along the lines but the truth is - there has to be one moment when you receive an invitation to a wedding, babyshower or wedding renewal and you think "WHAT? How did they get there so quickly" .

While I definitely have a lot of stories to fill my 27 years on this earth and I've traveled more than a lot of the 20 somethings I grew up with, I've kissed a few frogs (still looking for the one who will turn into a prince) , laughed and cried and triumphs and losses, I still feel like I haven't done enough to say my life is on track. Then it clicked, my life wasn't on the track. Not the track that I had planned when I was 17, finishing off school. 

I haven't figured it out, I haven't entirely made peace with it but I am doing what my generation does - googling my way to the answers, taking quizzes, looking for cures and faking it until I make it.

I would love to hear your views on a quarter life crisis?

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