Monday, 14 April 2014

L is for Liverpool Football Club (A to Z Challenge)

I don't ever remember not being a Liverpool Football Club fan. When I was younger I was surrounded by majority of Manchester United's fans in the beginning of Man U's glory days. I grew up in a house where my dad and I are the Liverpool fans and my mother and brother are Man U fans. It was tough. It was not Liverpool' finest hours but it taught me a lot about what it means to be a football fan.

Being a Liverpool FC fan has not been easy but I think it's the reason that being a true fan has been so character building. Yes, I've had the benefit of watching and supporting the greatest comeback in European Championship history by winning the Champions League in Istanbul to when Steven Gerrard inspired the winning FA Cup final against West Ham in 2006  but other than that, supporting Liverpool has been challenging. Challenging but worth it. 

Look How Excited I was!!! 

In the midst of the LFC vs Manchester City game yesterday (Which LFC won!!!) my mom was making fun of the fact that Liverpool had lost the two goal lead and I remember saying to her "This isn't just for fun" to which she laughed because Soccer is supposed to be fun. However for me and for most Liverpool fans, it's not just about fun. It's passion, love and loyalty. 

Perhaps the reason Liverpool fans feel so much for their team is that our current leader, Captain Fantastic, Steven Gerrard is so incredibly passionate about Liverpool and despite his once youthful wavering mind to leave Liverpool, loyalty trumped his ambition. 

I cannot explain how much I adore supporting my team, through wins, losses or draws - I have shouted with joy at their wins and I have cried with their losses. When I visited Liverpool a couple of years ago, it truly was one of my favourite memories and while a lot of people asked about Scousers and how they treated me, I only have good things to tell. 

I'm trying to keep this post short, which is extremely difficult because this is a topic I feel so much passion for but I will say that when you support a team, any team ... there's a difference in supporting and being passionate about them.

Have you ever been passionate about a team or sport or player?

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