Wednesday, 16 April 2014

N is for Nail Polish (A to Z Challenge)

Nail Polish - Varnish applied to the fingernails or toenails to colour them or make them shiny.

I may not be a beauty blogger but I really love nail polish! If you catch me without any nail polish on my hands or toes then you must know that I'm not in my usual head space. 

I always look at other people's hands and toes because I'm always conscious that other people are looking at mine. I don't even understand how some woman walk around with smudged nails or chipped nail polish. My favourite brands are Essie and Rimmel. While I like the Essie colours more, I really like that Rimmel's 60 seconds nail polish does try really quickly. 

I was so afraid of trying to wear red but now that I've started I really love it. I really love bright bold colours on short to medium length nails and then when my nails are long I enjoy softer natural shades.

Here's some pictures to help sum up how I feel about nail polish.

Do you wear nail polish? If so, do you have a go to brand or colour? 

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