Friday, 4 April 2014

D is for Dare (A to Z Challenge)

Dare - Have the courage to do something

"Dare, Truth or Command" .

When researching for this post (yes, I do that from time to time) I realise that this game I was playing in my adolescence was wrong! Apparently there were only two options, Truth or Dare. However, I grew up with an extra one... Command. 

So, I'm sure if you're an avid reader of my blog, you are probably within the age gap to understand how this game works. Usually it's three or more people who are given the choice to chose to perform a Dare, answer truthfully or commanded to do something. Dare's used to give three options so you still had freedom to choose but it was still a limited choice.  

SIDE NOTE: Even as I type this post, I am giggling to myself, having memory flashes of the many dares I undertook as a teenager and cringing at some of the truths that I told or was exposed too. 

Moving on, it got me thinking, as teenagers, we (or rather, I) needed so much probing to do something I probably wanted to do anyway and now as an adult I jump from foot to foot before making a decision. Do you think if I was given three options in life, that I knew I couldn't be rejected from, would I still choose so effortlessly?

Now here's the fun part, tell me one of your best dares or truths you had to do (or dares or truths you came up with) and you can send it to me privately if you'd like, but I think it could be loads of fun! Go on, share a little, I DARE YOU!!!

Have an awesome weekend 

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