Friday, 9 August 2013

Football Friday : Woman's Day Special

I decided for South Africa's National Woman's Day I would do a recap with links to all my previous football Friday posts. Have a look at them and tell me which you like most?

* The Most popular footballer of our generation (or Ever!) David Beckham

* The player you either love or hate, Mr Cristiano Ronaldo

* Pepe Reina, who I am still, heartbroken has been loaned out of Liverpool

* A little special on the Spanish vs Germans

* The ultimate Italian Stallion, Fabio Cannavaro

* Bad boy Belgium hottie, Eden Hazard

* My Favourite man in the world, Liverpool's amazing Captain Fantastic

* My second favourite man in football, also the man who made me cry when he left, Fernando Torres

* The Spanish Stopper - Iker Casillas

* An unexpected find in Nacer Chali

* And most recently, Soccer Veteran, Sexy Freddie

Also, in the news this week, I must be honest I have been extremely preoccupied with the Luis Suarez saga and to be upfront with all of you, I am absolutely disgusted at the way in which the matter has been handled by Luis Suarez AND Brendan Rodgers. Now I am understanding of Luis Suarez being a hand full but I do not think that Brendan Rodgers needed to respond in a child like manner.  I do appreciate that John Henry's Liverpool's owner has stepped up and had the balls to say "Luis Suarez is not for sale".

I am not sure what the outcome will be but I think that no matter what happens, Luis Suarez is ANOTHER player who the Liverpool faithful have handed their hearts too who is practically spitting in their faces.

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~Anchored In Christ~ said...

So I take it you're from South Africa and not from the USA. Or am I confused. sorry