Friday, 28 June 2013

Football Friday : Iker Casilias

I promise, that Football Friday won't all be about the Spanish National Team but in light of last night's match (Spain beating Italy 7-6 on penalties ) and the huge role that the Spanish Stallion captain and goalkeeper played deserves some recognition.

Iker, is hot but also somewhat of a loner which is probably what makes him that much more appealing for me.

While I have always been aware of him, since I started supporting Spain in 2006, he was solidified as a firm favourite man candy after he lead Spain to winning the World Cup in 2010 in my lovely country, South Africa.  Here is the video which pushed him to the "I want a guy like that" list:

He is so incredibly endearing in this video and I know you just went  "Aaaaaahhhh" even if it was in your head.

Apparently there was a whole lot drama by the Spanish press for his average performance in the Spain v Switzerland game where he conceded a goal and she was blamed as a distraction.

He has also recently experienced some difficulties with an injury and now what sounds like a difficult relationship with Jose Mourinho who was the Real Madrid coach ( now Chelsea FC manager) but he is now feeling like a new man and it showed in his game last night. He pulled of the most incredible saves that had me on the edge of my seat.

An interesting story is that when he was younger he forgot to post his father's predicted team wins which his father had predicted correctly which lead to them missing out on over One million Euros! I'm sure he was now repaid his father on that lottery ticket....

If all of that didn't convince you he is a sweetheart and worthy of this post, maybe these will assist...


As a side note, I was feeling a bit.. off yesterday and even though I stayed up later than usual to watch the game and I feel as if I have sand in my eyes today, watching my team win an important game on penalties was exhilarating and stressful at the same time. It reminded me of my passion for the game. Do you have anything that centers you when you feel off like I did?

OH! And I promise I will be featuring other players who are neither Liverpool or Spanish, if you have any ideas as to who I can feature please let me know

Have a wonderful weekend

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