Wednesday, 19 June 2013

3 Random Memories by the girl in the "white jumper"

I've had a rather strange day because as the day has gone on, I have had flashes of memories in the top I wore today so I thought if share them with you...

1. Memory One
The first time I met my baby, Uptothemoon, in the picture below, you can actually see how frightened I am of her. I thought she was big then but now I look at her and see how tiny she was here. I think it's sort of awesome how I actually have the moment I met her and she's my kindred animal spirit. I'll be sure to blog about her soon!
2. Memory Two
A day which brought me much joy.. This is the day that Alicia and I went to Malahide Castle , the Jameson Factory, dinner at O'Neills and then drinks at Citi-Bar (or "C-E bar")  This is possibly one of my favourite days of my entire life.


2. Memory Three
Is the first time I experienced snow, which was part of Memory Two but somehow in my mind I don't associate them together
Those are the random three things I remembered today.. Did you have any random memories today? Or do you have an item of clothing that brings back memories?

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meghan silva said...

I love this post , great memories , I have a pair of boots like that , they just bring back memories .

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