Tuesday, 25 June 2013

What's your guilty pleasure?

So I went for lunch with some of colleagues at Trabella a few weeks ago and we start chatting about Sex and the City because I had just lent my colleague " Sex and the City" season one while she is the middle of preparing for her assignments and she said watching it really improved her mood and got her in a crazy mood with singing and dancing in the shower. Maybe you should understand that she is really traditional or reserved, for lack of a better term so SATC is somewhat taboo?

Anyway, from her dirty confession of loving (and now being slightly obsessed) with SATC, it got the conversation going as to what shows are our guilty pleasures and as stated previously, I am a huge TV addict so there is just about nothing that I wouldn't be willing to watch however there are some shows that I have absolutely no interest in watching but perhaps they are your gulity pleasure? Honey Boo Boo anyone?
Maybe you're obsessed with all the Big Brother series?

I would have to say that Masterchef has become my guilty pleasure, it's not necessarily something I'm afraid of advertising but I am seriously obsessed with it, in fact, to a large extent I think it aided my renewed love of baking and I must say, I am getting realllllllly good at it :)

However, I think my true guilty pleasure, that I don't know anyone else who is watching it, is GIRLS . I must be honest, this is one strange show and even though I find it completely odd, I am completely addicted. I have watched every episode (M-Net is currently showing Season 2) so far and it's still strange. This is the one show I won't watch with anyone else, perhaps because it could be uncomfortable or because no one I know would actually sit through it with me..

Also - I am a sucker for any Bachelor/Bachelorette shows. I get so emotionally involved to them, despite the fact that more than likely I already know who is picked.

My favourite bachelorette was Ali but I wasn't completely into the guys in her season although I was sad to see that her and Roberto split up.
Some of the Bachelorettes are not my favourites when they are on the Bachelor but when they become the Bachelorette, I think they are able to show more of their personality for example Jillian from Jason's season and Ashley from Brad's season. It baffeled me that both ladies made it as far as they did but on their seasons I got to see their "real" personalites and they are really lovely ladies.
I managed to be surprised by Ashley's choice and I was ecstatic! Ashley and JP make a wonderful couple!

Regarding the Bachelors.. I liked Matt (perhaps it was the accent which helped him) and I actually liked Brad.

My favourite contestants were Kasey B, Melissa (Can I have a delayed rant about how Jason could pick Melissa and then break up with her and go after Molly! Thank goodness all of them have settled ,with their significant others and babies otherwise I would have hated Jason forever) and Chantel O. From the guys, I liked Michael Stagliano and Jeremy. I also liked Jake when he was on Jillian's season but I found him annoying on his own

Whether you judged me or not for the guilty pleasure confessions, you must have something that you're afraid people will judge you for watching? Come on, tell me about it???

Have you watched any of my guilty pleasures? Are you judging me, be honest, I can handle it ?

x Natalie

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