Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Get Up and Go!

You know, when I was a child, I was very... proper ok those that know me personally will laugh out loud at that one but what I mean is I had a plan. The plan was become a lawyer and save my country. Be a part of the solution .

Then as I grew older I suppose I got to see the world through clearer eyes and then through murky goggles which the media tried to force down my throats and I thought I knew it all. South Africa is a free country. We have a great democracy. It's one of the best countries in the world, I don't need to leave here, ever!

All of the above is true except the last one.... I think that travelling is the most rewarding thing you can do for yourself and while you spend a lot of money and don't receive tangible items you do receive worldy views and opinions that will push your boundaries.

I have said, a number of times that I am SO excited for my trip but the truth is that everything will change, internally, for me. If it doesn't change you, you aren't allowing yourself to see..

Here are some of my favourite picture moments from my previous trip.


Have you travelled before? What do you like the most? What do you like the least?

I look forward to hearing from you!



~Anchored In Christ~ said...

I havent really been outside of the US. I've been to other places in my state which is Ga. I've been to Alabama and to the beach which is in Florida. Which is where I'm suppose to go next month with my family. But over seas I havent been. I would love to go to several places and take my camera and just snap pictures. Grand Canyons, cayman islands, mexico, Hollywood, San Francico. Been my dream since I was little to go to new York City. I would love to go to a horse farm :D and I'm sure there's more places. Oh italy, and several of the places they show on the bachelorette and bachlor :D cant wait to hear about your trip chick. miss our chats.

~Anchored In Christ~ said...

I thought I left a comment on this. Guess not. Guess my mind is getting the best of me. Yea today isnt a good day. Would love to hear from you chick. miss our chats.

i've emailed you too.