Thursday, 1 August 2013

Facing Fears : Lady in Red

This may sound really strange to you, whoever "you" are and wherever "you" may be but for the first time EVER! I wore a red dress.

When I was at Hip Hop with a friend he immediately pointed this dress out for the wedding I was attending but my first reaction was "Oh, it's pretty but I do not wear red" he was so puzzled by it and then I tried to mumble my way through it but he didn't really care much about my answer he said the dress was perfect for me.

Either way I told him I wouldn't be buying any dress that day BUT a few days later I went past Hip Hop again, this time with my mother because they were having a sale (and who can say no to a sale?) and I walked in and the dress was there - starring at me so the sales consultant said why don't I just try it on and when I did I have to admit it was pretty beautiful SO I bought it.

BUT then I kept looking for other dresses and making excuse after excuse about perhaps finding another dress for the wedding. I even went back to Hip Hop and tried on several additional dresses and I promise NONE of them looked remotely good. They were either too low, too short, too see-through so a week before the wedding I decided to stop looking for another dress and stick to what  I had. However when I was packing for my trip, I carried additional old dresses in case I wanted another option but when I was getting dressed on Saturday, I realised that God was not merely giving me a sign to face my fear and wear this dress but that he had been shouting at me from every angle that this was the dress for me.

Now, I know this may seem like I am rambling again but the whole point of this post is that I didn't want to wear a red dress because :
1. Red is not a colour I necessarily like on my skin tone. (Unless it's a Liverpool top!)
2. I find red to be a extremely sterotypical of colour of indian people and I hate sterotyping (yes, I am aware that I am contradicting myself)
3. Red dresses attract lots of attention and I don't want to be the lady in red

However, I must say that even once I was dressed on Saturday afternoon I decided I looked good but is it too much? Now, looking back at it... I don't think so, I think it was just perfect!
What do you think?


meghan silva said...

That dress looks really gorgeous on you , red is totally your colour , so let's not fear it again in the future , okay?

emma said...

you look really lovely in the dress!

Nats ~Coral Tinted Perceptions said...

Thanks Meg, I'm working on it ...

Nats ~Coral Tinted Perceptions said...

Thank you!!

Victoria said...

I love that song! Lovely post... xoxo