Thursday, 11 July 2013

Help! I just don't get it

I will warn you in advance that I may ramble a bit in today's post.. but that's because it's been one of "those"weeks...
Let me explain : firstly, I fell up the stairs yesterday! SecondlyThe stairs are like fire escape stairs with green paint.. and now my really pretty coral skirt has green paint all over it *sulking*, thirdly I was on my way home and needed to go past the shopping mall but when I got home and my mother called me 20 minutes later to ask me about getting something, I realised I forgot to go to the mall - at all! and lastly.. I've had the most annoying bad hair days - and I won't even explain what my red velvet cupcakes looked like.

Ok, maybe my third issue on the list doesn't sound like much but I am not that person. I am not usually scatter brained so being scatter brained is really annoying me because I feel like I'm on a carousel - moving but getting no where.

Back to my post - there's this guy,  X, who appears to be like a really nice guy. I see him around work and he is always smiling at me and often emails me various chain mails which are then followed up with (in Joey's voice) 'how you doing?' mails. Perhaps maybe Joey's tone is too strong but maybe a more friendly tone. Either way - for a while I have continued to respond to these mails in my usual bubbly tone but not trying to be too engaging because I do not want to lead him on.

However, a (male) friend said that by not actually asking X about his intentions that I am in fact encouraging him because "men like the chase". And if I was to ask X and him to tell me about his intentions I imagine this [Please imagine this awkward conversation]

A few points to note:
1. There is nothing wrong with this guy, he's just not my type.
2. I am not certain I have a type but I do believe in the intial "electricity" and unfortunately for him, we didn't have it. Does number 2 contradict number 1?

Me: X, so... I think you're a great guy (he will want to puke at this stage because no one likes when a conversation starts this way) but I'm not really certain what your intentions are towards me?
X  : Why do you ask?

Now the conversation can go one of two ways:

Option 1
Me: Well, you send me a lot of emails and are constantly trying to engage me into conversations and I get a certain vibe... *awkward silence*...
X : Well, I'm just a friendly guy, maybe you're the one with mixed intentions?
Me: Um, no, it's just that sometimes when you look at me, it feels like you would move heaven and earth if I asked and that makes me think that you like me more than just a friend because well... most friends don't care if I want earth to move
X : Natalie, I think you are projecting your feelings onto me - what are your intentions?

Option 2:
X :Well, I kind of think you're awesome and would like to see where things could go between us
Me: Well, I'm not sure (although I am sure) because I don't really see us as a couple.
X  : Why?
Me:.......................................because I don't see it.

Then I imagine things getting really weird between us and because unfortunately I don't do very well at a medium - I am either really fun and bubbly or really stand offish I forsee things becoming awkard and I don't know how to handle it! Do you?

Have you had to deal with a situation like this? What should I do? I don't want to be mean to X or anyone but I'm not sure what I can do. I don't want to be chased by him.

PS: I warned you there would be rambling...

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Kate @ Another Clean Slate said...

I would probably just chill my E-mails to him a little bit- not in a rude way but in a distancing yourself a little way. If he continues to persist then you have your answer!