Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Restaurant Review : Aarya

In case you've missed it, I am a huge Masterchef fan and on Friday Night, I finally got to visit South Africa's first Masterchef winner, Deena's restaurant - Aarya.

Firstly, I like the name, I believe he named it after his daughter which also adds a sentimental element to the already emotional chef.

Secondly, I must be honest, I was told not to go to the restaurant because it wasn't "that great" but being the avid Masterchef fan I am I just had to give it a chance.

I went for dinner with my mom and aunt, we didn't order any starters because the bread was given to the table and we were already starving so we went for the mains.

My mom and I both ordered the Butter chicken with Jeera rice and I can safely say, it is worthy of an award. You have the option when ordering to ask for it to be more hot as it is served as a mild dish.
I eat hot food often so even with my request for it to be hot, it was still mild but still very tasty.

For dessert, we all had different options as you know, you can never have too few many options for dessert.

I had the Missisippi Mud Pie, my mom had the malva pudding and my aunt had the fudge picasso something....

Here are the pics from my experience but I was sitting underneath a heater and all the pictures have an orange undertone * SAD face*

Also, a couple of weeks ago, we went past Aarya and met the Deena, see.....

So my overall opinion is, the butter chicken is simply delicious. The desserts were ok but nothing to memorable, the service was a 9/10 and I would go back. I would like to try the butternut soup for starters. 

And another thing I like is that the "doggy bag" is environmentally friendly which is always a plus...

Have you been to his restaurant? Or have you eaten any recipes by any of the other Masterchefs? 

Ps: sorry for the crappy picture quality all of them are from my iPhone.


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