Thursday, 4 July 2013

Liebster Award Nomination

So there I was yesterday, merrily catching up on my on my blog reading list and while reading Back to Bliss posts I came about her post on Liebster Award and then noticed my little old blog's name feauring in it! I was so excited .. so much so that I clicked on the link to make sure that it was in fact my Coral Tinted Perceptions and turns out it was!

So the Liebster Award is such a cool idea, it's where bloggers nominate other bloggers to win an award for being an up and coming bloggers and it's an awesome way to get to know other bloggers!

Rules to accept the nomination:
1. Link back to the blogger who nominated you so readers please go check out the lovely Bri from Back to Bliss
2. Nominate 5 - 11 other bloggers, who have less than 200 followers and contact them to let them know about the nomination(I'll do that at then end of the post)
3. Answer questions from my Nominator
4. Share 11 random facts about myself
5. Create 11 questions for my nominees

Here we go....

Questions from my Nominator Bri
1. My favourite meal (besides my mom's home cooked food) ever is difficult to answer because I am such a wanna be foodie..  but I would say my most memorable favourite meals are :
* This nachos pizza I had in Dublin

* Spaghetti Al Paella form Cappuccino's
2. Dischem! I absolutely love that store, I can spend hours there in all the different aisles.
3. This is an easy one - dirty hair. I know to most people it sounds normal, I mean, not many people should like dirty hair but I am obsessed with making sure my hair looks clean. I wash it every second day and as soon as it starts to look dirty I wash it. When I'm talking to someone and their hair is dirty it actually erks me and in my head I'm screaming "Step away from the dirty hair person"! lol
4. I want to do both, I think it must be the most wonderful thing to spend all the time I have with the baby but knowing myself, I would regret it in time so I think working part time or flexi hours would suit me best.
5. Another easy one, Soccer / Football - depending where you live as to what you call it. I am obsessed with the game!
6. My paternal grandfather, I think when he passed away none of us were prepared and with him leading our family and I think if we could just have a little more time with him a lot would have changed so much.
7. My parents - they have influenced me to be everything I am.
8. Yoga and Salsa Dancing - two opposites but the sad thing is that now that I am back in Johannesburg I haven't found any classes that I like. I also enjoy Zumba but that aggreviates my back ache :(
9. Person! I always end up buying 10 items and then having to change or return at least 8 because I'm not happy with it. If I was doing my shopping online I would be running my charges up.
10.Sweet... I love all things sweet
11. Dublin, Ireland. I actually wanted to move there last year but it didn't work out but maybe one day... The place was really friendly and there was just something in the air that kept me permanently in my happy place. Also - Cape Town, I miss living there and would move back in a second.
11 Random Facts about me
1. I have to have my nails painted, if I don't then I feel naked and unkept
2. When I was Dublin, I had an Italian guy stalking me and in the midst of the stalking, Alicia, took a picture of the stalker with me in Spar
3. I can only drink the cheap and sweet wine.
4.I am short, as in racing jockeys are taller than me
5. As I'm getting older my skin is getting fairer... should I be worried?lol
6. I have several friendships (the real ones, where I can talk to them about anything) which have lasted over 20 years, most of them are with guys
7. I've never worn a red dress
8. When iTunes released in South Africa, the first song I downloaded was Kelly Clarkson's "Catch my Breath"
9.I have watched soccer for over 20 years but I have never played it
10. I once had a streak of pink hair
11. I believe that the first song I hear for the day will determine the tone of how my day will go

Questions for my nominees

1. Do people in your everyday life know about your blog?
2. Where is your favourite place to holiday and why?
3. Do you believe in Soul Mates? Or love at first sight?
4. What is your favourite restaurant?
5. What sports or cultural activites have you participated in?
6. Are you more of a big bag person or clutch/sling?
7. Who is the one friend you know you can call at 3am in the morning?What will your friend think you're calling about?
8. Were you Team Aniston or Team Jolie? or Team Pacey or Team Dawson or Team Brooke or Team Peyton? (am I cheating with all the options...?)
9. Have you ever been arrested?
10.Favourite Band?
11. What are your hopes for our Blog?
My nominations :
I can't wait to hear your answers...


meghan silva said...

Yay thank you so much for nominating me , love your answers to the questions and the facts about you , totally love yoga salsa and zumba too .

Victoria said...

Thanx for the nomination pretty lady... xoxo