Sunday, 21 July 2013

Soulful Sunday : Good things come to those who wait

As much as this is a lifestyle blog I try to keep a lot of my personal happenings private because I haven't figured out what exactly I want to allow into the public but I suppose it's one of the things I'm learning as I continue to grow my blog and myself.

So what I want to say is that things this year have been challenging to say the least and very little has gone according to plan but I must be honest, just letting go and allowing God to choose my path has been the most gratifying thing.

I have previously mentioned that I own a racehorse, Uptothemoon and I promised I would be blogging about her more in the future.. well the future is here! Yesterday she ran a handicap race and she WON :) And yes, today I feel like a proud mama!

Uptothemoon is beautiful and I know she is not a pet in the conventional form but she is somehow so deeply connected to me that we just get one another. We often joke in our family that she has my personality which is a good and a bad thing. You see, she can be extremely warm hearted - which is what her usual temperament but I think over time I have spoilt her with lots of visits and pictures and quality time so in recent months when I have failed to visit her she felt sad, neglected and angry. So yesterday I missed her race, through many dramatic moments, but Candice and I got there just before she could be paraded into the winners circle.

Initially she was ok but then when her adrenaline calmed down for a bit she realised it was me standing in front of her and she lost her cool. I have NEVER seen her react like that. She was angry and tried to bite me to make me let go which I did. Now you must be wondering what this has to do with Soulful Sunday but the thing is she was written off by a lot of people, gamblers or just spectators which said she was injured and would never come back to form and I am so proud of her that she has proved them all wrong.

Also, I need to schedule time in to go see her because the truth is, I miss her. I think she may be my twin animal soul... if there is such a thing?! Am I rambling? This feels like rambling....

Well, point of my story is
1.) I hurt Uptothemoon but she still won ;
2.) Even when people write you off, you can always show them that they were wrong to count you out before they got to three ; and
3.) Life will not always go your way but the earth is round so if you just bide your time.... your turn to be on top will come because things can only get better.

Either way I am really glad to have a little time to myself to blog and to read my blogs because I miss reading about what's happening with everyone. This will be another intense week because I will be going away for a few days so let's hope I get some posts in! What's happening in your life? I've missed hearing from you!

Unfortunately I have lots of pics but they aren't uploading... so be warned, some time this week I may have a post dedicated to Uptothemoon .....


Kate @ Another Clean Slate said...

Congrats on your win- glad you get some time to relax this week :)

Nats ~Coral Tinted Perceptions said...

Thanks Kate!! I wish there was rest this week but I am going away on Thursday so it is a short stressful work week ...