Friday, 19 July 2013

3 Great Things I accomplished this week!

I must tell you when I thought I was going to have a hectic week this week I had no idea how busy I would be! This is the longest I've gone without posting or reading any blog and I really missed it!

I'm rushing off to dinner but I wanted to share three awesome things I did this week.

1. I celebrated Mandela Day by baking and raising funds for an awesome cause, the Walter Sisulu Hospital, specifically the pediatric cardiac unit!

Here's my red velvet cupcakes which was a huge hit!

2. I sold my first cake!!! It's chocolate with a spiderman inspiration. It wasn't what I envisioned but all things considered, I'm happy with it... 

And ... 
3. My biggest accomplishment this week was that I lead my department to work as  a team in our Mandela Day initiative and when I was asked if I wanted to head up the initiative I was told that I would be met with a whole lot of resistance because my department is known for not participating and today - everyone around the office was buzzing that our team surprised them. I must be honest I feel like a proud mom :)

Anyway off to dinner, I'm actually typing this on my Blogger App in the car... 

Hopefully I'll get more blog time from tomorrow!

Have a great weekend x


Victoria said...

I love red velvet cake... Soo craving for that now! ;)

Ana CĂ©line Labod said...

The cake looks so yummy :) x