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The Most Romantic Declarations of Love {TV Series}

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It feels like I haven't been around here for a while although this post has been a draft for several days and actually finishing it off has taken more time then I thought it would... it's just been one of those weeks. Wish I could share it with all of you but firstly some of you wouldn't care (no judgment, here) and secondly there is stuff I actually prefer to keep off my blog. Anyway, back to what this is about -

This post was prompted by this article I found on Twitter and let's be honest it is spot on. Shonda Rhimes sure knows what she's doing when it comes to writing love speeches but a few of my favourite love scenes/declarations were not included because Shonda didn't write them so here we go, some of my favourite scenes, tell me if I missed anything?

Setting the tone but it didn't make my top 10

Cristina never heard possibly the best vows ever written.

10.  When Meredith almost died (for the first time)

Meredith knew she was going to have a bad day and boy did she ever. Derek was doing the honourable thing by staying with his wife, Addison, even though he was still in love with Mer. When she almost died because she put her hand on a bomb (not a good idea) but in this scene she explains that she was going to die and she couldn't remember the simplest sweetest moment between her and Derek, what was their last kiss. The fact that he does, in such sweet detail makes the moment so beautiful. 

9. "Watch me choose you"

I watched this on tender hooks, Fitz said he'll choose Liv and I didn't expect him to wait with her. It's not so much the chemistry in this scene as opposed to how much it meant.

8. Kate kisses Sawyer

This is an old one but this was an incredibly anticipated moment! Kate sent the first two seasons fighting the obvious chemistry between her and Saywer. I remember literally sighing when I watched it the first time.

7.  MerDer Proposal

While this may surprise the Greys fans out there that it features so late, you can only imagine how many I had to push off the list for this to make it on here. Even though we knew it was coming, Derek took the proposal that we all hoped for and made it perfect! Shonda outdid herself with the most beautiful love story! It's medical, collaborative and one of a kind, which is what their love is.

6. Burke's love for Cristina was consuming

While it doesn't seem like the deepest moment, we all knew that Isaiah Washington was being written off the show due to his homophobic rants at T.R.Knight but the truth is the Preston Burke loved Crisitina Yang. He saw her flaws, he saw her potential and he loved her. When the reports came through that he would be returning to Greys, I was excited. I always felt that Burke and Yang's relationship was never completely finished and frankly, I'm just not a fan of Owen/Cristina. Even if I was, this was beautifully said!

5. Elena isn't sorry

Elena finally has clarity, she doesn't feel obligated in any way to Stefan. She sees that she wasn't being tricked into her feelings for Damon, it's real, she's in love and she's not sorry. Best TVD scene ever!

4. It's you

I was completely obsessed with this show and this couple. I watched for seasons while Lucas kept making the wrong choices. It was difficult but I loved that they always had a connection and finalllllllllllllly Luke woke up and saw it for himself. It wasn't a long speech but it was one of my favourite TV declarations, ever!

3."I'm nothing and you're everything"

Another stellar scene, President Grant sure knows how to use his words well.

2. Meredith lays it on the line and says the one thing no woman ever wants to have "Pick Me"

I really battled to choose between this one and my number 1 pick but the truth is for Mer and Derek, this was a pivotal moment. This was the scene where they went from being a couple who was dating to being the greatest love story ever to come out of Greys Anatomy. Meredith put her heart (and PRIDE) on the line when she begged Derek to choose her. Instead of it being seen as pathetic and needy, it was heartbreaking, brave and true.

1. "You own me!"

THIS is my best love declaration scene ever! Both of them stating how much they loved one another but neither conceding that the other person could possible love them more. It;s beautiful and well written and left me in tears.

That's it folks! I had a number of other moments to include but couldn't bare to push any of these out of this list.. but please let me know what you would have added in your list?

Have an awesome weekend!

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