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The Scent of Rain and Lightening (Nancy Pickard) - Blogger Book Club

I'm a few days late with April's BBC review but that's only because I only started reading it a few days ago.. I need to let you know this is the last of the Blogger Book Club series because Kay has decided to end it. It's sad but I completely understand her reasons. It was no longer fun for her and I get it, reading is suppose to be fun.

Anyway, moving along you can read the Goodreads synopsis here

My Synopsis
Essentially, Jody returns to her hometown, where her parents were murdered when she was three years old. the murderer was Billy Crosby and he's been released from prison early based on some irregularities in the case due to his son Collin, pursing fair legal process. 

Jody and her uncles, Bobby and Chase, aunt Belle and her husband Meryl with her grandparents Hugh-Jay and Annabelle are left reeling with the idea that Billy will be in their town. The question whether there was due process and whether Billy was guilty has Jody looking into things and that includes conversations with Billy's son, Collin who she's always been strangely drawn too.

I liked this book, initially I thought it was strange how it started in the present then moved into the day before Jody's parents were killed or went missing. However as the book continued I really got into it. Jody's mom, Laurie, surprised me in the end  as she wasn't as self obsessed as I thought and while it was clear to me that Billy was unlikely to have murdered Hugh-Jay, I knew who I believed was the killer. I was wrong. I gasped when I found out - not exaggerating!

This was not a book I would have necessarily picked out before reading my own book choice but I really ended up enjoying this novel. 

It's not a crime novel or a romance, it's a small town with a terrible tragedy - and what people do to survive. The characters are well developed and for the most part likable almost 99% percent of the time.

I'm glad I read this book even though BBC has ended. Don't worry, I'll still be reviewing books of my choice! 

Have a great weekend, I have loads of posts coming up ....

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