Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Hump Day Confessions {Link Up} #2

So I decided I better prepare this post in advance (and by that I mean it's the night before) so that I actually end up posting something. Last week I wanted to link up but I ended up having another blank post and thinking, "what do I need want to confess?"

That's the reason, this week I'm keeping it simple. 

~ My nails were really long, no really and now that I cut them to short I am battling to type on my iPhone again (can you say #FirstWorldProblem ?)

~ I'm planning on being in Joburg from next week for a while and I'm excited for it but dreading it at the same time. I miss my friends and family but I hate to not be in my own space. I'll probably be staying with my brother, which I managed to do for over 20 years growing up but now that we haven't lived together for a while, we tend to get on one another's nerves a bit more than the usual sibling stuff lol  (again, #FirstWorldProblem)

~ I'm also going to go to Durban for a few days for a babyshower and even though I have planned the games and stuff, I'm still behind schedule with where I wanted things to be

~ I've been somewhat hibernating. While, I have been around people, I have managed to say the least bit I needed to say without it seeming odd. Maybe it's the cold?

~ I am in love with White manicures! I'm not sure if it's my resistance to the change in season and everyone changing their nails to darker shades but seriously, the white nails are definitely looking good, right?

~ Despite my little rant last week about me not being obsessed with the Kimye wedding, I have to confess, I was keeping up with the hashtag #KimyeWedding most of last week.. and I still going. But seriously, how gorgeous was her dress? I'm surprised by the simplicity of her hair but I didn't like the headpiece she used for her wedding to Kris Humphries so maybe this was a better choice.

~ while I love to dance, I hate going clubbing. Seriously, this 17 year old pretending she's 20 grinding up on everyone like she's Miley Cyrus does not encourage me to put on my dancing shoes. 

~I have given up on myfitness pal. It lasted about two weeks. 
~ Last confession, I didn't actually finish this post on Tuesday night, in typical procrastination station (where I live as of late always) I'm finishing it right before I press "Publish".

Anyway, be sure to check out some of the other humpday confessions with Kat at Life In Progress.

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