Monday, 5 May 2014

Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's day is this upcoming Sunday, May 11th. You're welcome for the reminder...(in case you haven't picked up any of the tips that all the TV adverts are throwing). If you are like me, and you didn't forget you've just been side tracked, here are some of my fail safe Mother's Day gift ideas.

Pajamas - my mom is slightly obsessed with pjs so I can always getting away with good quality pjs. 
Woolworths, Fleece PJs, R225.00

Bath Robe -  with South Africa going into our colder months, a bath robe is perfect for moms. While I like lighter colours, practically speaking, moms are always busy in the kitchen or cleaning up so a dark colour would be better. However a pattern is always fun.
Mr Price, Polka Dot Fleece Gown, R129.99

Picture Frames - my brother and I have bought my mom two different frames for mother's days. The first was a beautiful matte silver frame, engraved with a short message and our names and, a picture of us. The second frame was also a picture with us and a cute " I LOVE MOM" sticker. If you're going to give your mom a frame, make sure you put the pictures in it.
Love and Heart Frame , Mr Price Home, R129.00 

Spa Treatments, whether it's a pedicure, back massage to a full day treatments. Almost every woman I know loves to be pampered. Most moms don't think they should take a time out for themselves, so you should take the initiate to it. Obviously you should know whether your mother is one of the few who don't like people touching them. If you opt for a manicure or pedicure, maybe get one for yourself so you and your mom can spend that time together. 

Jewellery - While my mother is not crazy about jewellery but a lot of mother's do enjoy it so here are one of my more extravagant picks. 

American Swiss - Michael Kors Chain Runway ~ R3499.00

Perfume ~ My mom loves Amarige but again, this should be a matter of taste and you should know your mom's taste and if you don't this would be a great time to learn. 

Here are some additional Mother's Day tips:
* Call your mom early, if you're not with her. 
* Buy her a card. While we live in a technology obsessed world, moms' love cards
* Don't buy a gift voucher. Gift voucher's are impersonal and your mother is one of the eople in the world who never receive an impersonal gift.
* Spa Vouchers are acceptable, because it shows that you've thought about her.
* Flowers, take them or send them, they are always welcomed.
* If you live in the same city as her, make time and go see her, or spend time with her. 

Do you have any Mother's Day tips?

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