Monday, 19 May 2014

I survived 100 Happy Days

I'm not sure if you remember way back in February of this year I embarked on the 100 Happy Days challenge. Before I began, I was playing around with the idea for a few weeks... then I decided to commit to it and just over 100 days later, I can say I survived the challenge, last week Thursday to be specific.

Considering that it's Monday Sunday Night but you will be reading this on Monday, you should know I love to start the week off on the right note. Which is why you should also know that the only thing that could make me happier than a ticket to the World Cup in Brazil this year, is to round off this challenge with a very quick recap.

Nailpolish, Social Media, My niece is getting bigger in the babybump, Divergent Series, My Blogiversary, Suits, Sushi, Scandal, New Recipes and Voting  

I honestly cannot believe that 100 days have passed and while I am not going to lie, it was definitely a challenge I can also admit that looking for a happy moment in everyday situations has cultivated into a habit for me.

Have you tried the challenge? Leave your link or #hashtag so that I can check it out.

What's been going on in your last 100 days? Or looking forward, what have you got planned for this week?

PS: It's Monday (technically), so here's a happy submission for Music Monday!

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